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Why Manuka Honey is better than corticosteroids or UV treatment for skin disorders

Why Manuka Honey is better than corticosteroids or UV treatment for skin disorders

Corticosteroids, commonly known as steroids found in many creams and ointments for treating skin disorders can lead to skin thinning and exposure to sunburn and UV therapy can lead to skin cancer according to recent research.

Malassezia yeasts, which have been associated with the skin conditions pityriasis versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis are commonly treated with corticosteroids or UV therapy which can cause serious side effects.

Staphylococcus aureus is common in atopic dermatitis and can be very difficult to control with conventional antibiotics

However scientific studies have proven that Manuka UMF honey from New Zealand has been highly effective in eliminating bacterial and fungal infections and reducing inflammation in most skin disorders.

Manuka Natural Ltd. in New Zealand have formulated a special cream for this purpose containing 30% high quality Manuka UMF honey which provides a safe and effective alternative without the side effects.

Other natural ingredients included in Manuka honey cream are; Sweet almond oil, Lecithin, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut oil, Shea butter, Calendula oil, Evening Primrose oil, Rose Hip oil, German Chamomile oil, d-alpha-tocopherol (Vit E.), and Wheatgerm oil which are all renowned for their skin calming and restorative properties.

Manuka UMF honey in this natural cream is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal and helps to reduce inflammation which is often present in these skin conditions.

This cream has been highly effective for eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, acne and rosacea.

This cream is safe for the whole family including infants:

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