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  • “Manuka Honey Near Me”
    4月 10, 2024 Bill Gluyas

    “Manuka Honey Near Me”

    Is a very popular search term on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, etc.  And you may find some search listings for Manuka honey in your locality, But wait! Is this Manuka Honey Authentic? The short answer is that...

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  • Use of Propolis in Cancer Research
    4月 1, 2024 Bill Gluyas

    Use of Propolis in Cancer Research

    Propolis is being increasingly studied for its effect on cancer cells. This abstract is from the British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research Interest to develop new anticancer drugs and to design combination treatments with little or no secondary effects...

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  • Puppy Skeleton
    3月 26, 2024 Bill Gluyas

    How to Prevent Rickets in Puppies

    I can say without any doubt that dogs are one of the cutest creatures in this world. Okay, okay, I was hoping you wouldn’t hold it against me. Of course, all animals are cute in their own way, but I’m...

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  • Does your dog have joint pain?
    3月 5, 2024 Bill Gluyas

    Does your dog have joint pain?

    After this questionnaire, you will definitely know if deer antler velvet is helping your dog with joint pain Your dog is getting older. It’s a its a dog with joint pain He has weakness in his hind quarters and foot...

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  • You don’t have to be 60+ to wake up sore!
    1月 30, 2024 Bill Gluyas

    You don’t have to be 60+ to wake up sore!

    Mornings could be the worst. I say, “could be.” People wake up sore and still wondering if there is a “miracle” therapy in the form of a cream, capsule, injection, or some of the latest devices that would quickly and...

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