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Manuka Honey Cream

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Product Description

Manu™ Manuka Honey Cream has a unique formulation that is highly effective immune support against minor skin problems including Eczema, Seborrheic Dermatitis, pimples, scratches and insect bites.

Because manuka honey is sticky and isn’t very easy to apply directly to the skin, we created Manu™ Manuka Honey Cream to be much more practical for home use and to combine the powerful skin calming and restotative effects of other important ingredients like Calendula, Chamomile, Rose hip seed oil, Jojoba and others to create a super-natural healing cream.

The result is our specially formulated manuka honey cream which contains 30% manuka UMF 15+ honey which absorbs easily into the skin, reducing the desire to itch and scratch infected areas.

Our customers love the results!

"This cream has cleaned up fungal conditions that defied all other treatments, conventional and otherwise. I use it often with my work as a carer. A very impressive product". - Christopher Wells
"I had a serious form of Seborrheic Dermatitis , with this cream I immediately got good results, after a week I was better already, my skin is soft and the dermatitis is disappearing. It is a fantastic product that I recommend to whom has serious problems as me. Thanks Manuka!" - Stefano, Italy

Manuka honey cream is so effective we include it in the following natural collections:

How to use

Apply to affected areas as required.

Our cream can safely be used for children suffering from eczema and dermatitis and by adults for almost any form of troubled skin condition.

Test on a small area first.

Manuka Honey Cream comes in a 50g (1.76oz) tube.


Active UMF® Manuka Honey 15+, Manuka oil, Distilled water, Cetyl alcohol, Stearic acid, Sweet almond oil, Lecithin, Stearyl alcohol, Jojoba, Macadamia Nut oil, Shea butter, Calendula oil, Evening primrose oil, Rose hip oil, TEA, German Chamomile oil, d-alpha-tocopherol (Vit E.), Wheatgerm oil, preservative.

Contains NO steriods, colors, synthetic fragrances, or paraben preservatives, Not tested on animals.

Order now and receive the freshest product shipped directly to you from New Zealand.

These statements and reviews have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

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  1. Manuka Natural cream

    Posted by Andrew S on 8th Sep 2019

    A very effective treatment product for dermatitis. I would recommend the product, service and followup discussion by the company with myself.

  2. So many uses!

    Posted by PATRICIA on 8th Jun 2019

    I love this Manuka Honey Cream. I use it for all sorts of skin issues from bites, cuts to occasional rashes to bruises. It is light and effective. I would recommend it to anyone who has any type of skin issue.

  3. Amazing!!

    Posted by Shirin Brown on 13th Feb 2019

    I ordered Active Manuka Honey Cream for relief to my skin after surgery. It was soothing and helped calm the itchiness when the dressings were in need of changing. I’ve been applying it to my scar and I love how it makes my skin feel!!! I’m going to order more!!

  4. Good stuff this

    Posted by on 27th Jan 2019

    Have heard lots about manuka honey being a good healing product, just never realised it was this good!! So many uses go on try it! You will not be disappointed!

  5. Seb Dermititis

    Posted by Leane Staab on 22nd Sep 2018

    After spending literally hundreds of dollars on shampoos and creams for seberreheal dermatitis on my scalp this cream is amazing after 2 uses I was already seeing results I am so happy I finally have found something that is working definitely would recommend this to anyone with skin issues and plan on buying more products

  6. For seb Derm

    Posted by Jonas on 23rd Mar 2018

    Tried it out yesterday, and im eager to see improvements in my seb derm around my nose.
    will review after a couple wekks

  7. When all else fails

    Posted by Christopher Wells on 3rd Dec 2017

    Over many years I used this product while working as a carer, and now find it equally effective for self-care.
    I recently had a very stubborn case of fungal infection, which just didn't respond to other measures - so I turned to the tried and true honey cream, and got quick results. Truly a miracle healing cream. Should have used it first off!
    I have found it works best if I gently rub it into the affected area, rather than simply putting it on top of the skin.

  8. Best all round healing cream

    Posted by Ingrid on 13th Apr 2016

    This cream is just perfect. I got rid off of fungal nails, eczema and other skin rashes. Best SOS cream on the market.

  9. Love this cream!

    Posted by Melissa on 11th Apr 2016

    I have tried other Manuka cream brands and this one is by far the best! I received the product r quickly and could not be more pleased.

  10. Manuka Honey does work

    Posted by Frances on 12th Apr 2015

    I suffer from Seborrheic dermatitis and due to an allergic reaction to prescription and a preference for natural products I tried the Manuka Honey cream. I love it as its working and already my skin looks and feels so much better. . I am so relieved thank you.

  11. Honey power: works on acne and foot infections

    Posted by AJ, Japan on 3rd Sep 2014

    To tell you the truth I was sceptical about the 'power of honey' spread topically on my skin but have had great results.
    It has worked on acne outbreaks on my face and back very well.
    It also is great to use on your feet if you have any fungal infections. I use this cream after washing with the Manka soap and put socks on to keep it on the feet before going to sleep. Then the honey does the work overnight.
    Highly recommended. Do give it a try.
    *Disclaimer: Results are Not Guaranteed and will vary from person to person.

  12. An alright cream

    Posted by Unknown on 1st May 2013

    My dermatitis problem still persists after a few weeks of usage. Nevertheless, it's pleasant to use. Absorbs well.

  13. Healed Wonderfully

    Posted by Mary on 7th Mar 2013

    I bought the Manuka Cream - the more expensive one, for some dermatitis around my ear. While waiting on it to arrive, the skin on my thumb was very sore with small cuts, like chilblains, from using my hands to work. The cream healed it in about 2 days, after having had it for about a month and trying everything on it I could think of. My ear had somewhat resolved by the time my shipment arrive, but I will repost on that spot once I see how it works. So far, I am putting it on the skin preventatively.

  14. Do Use Manuka Honey Cream

    Posted by Eloise Seegars on 7th Oct 2012

    I have Rosacea, which involves a lot of bacteria on the face. When I have flare-ups, I use the Manuka Honey Cream on them, and, within a couple of days or less, the red flares are gone. It is good for so many skin conditions. I love the purity of the product, and I can say that it delivers.

  15. Brilliant product

    Posted by Christopher Wells on 26th Jun 2012

    This cream has cleaned up fungal conditions that defied all other treatments, conventional and otherwise. I use it often with my work as a carer. A very impressive product.

  16. Thank goodness for Manuka

    Posted by Janet Fletcher, England on 17th Mar 2011

    I would just like to say how surprised I was at the delivery service you offer. Within 5 or 6 days my order came to me. I am now using the Manuka Honey cream and even after a day or so I have felt an improvement on my leg. The doctors have tried so many creams and none of them were of any use. So, thank goodness for Manuka, and your company. Janet Fletcher, England

  17. A GREAT product!

    Posted by Colin McDowell - USA on 13th Feb 2011

    I developed a severe case of fungal itching around my groin area and no amount of prescription Nystatin would budge it. I remembered that when I developed a very resistant toe fungus nothing would remove for more than 6 months, manuka oil was the only thing that worked to get rid of it. I read up on this Manuka honey cream and thought I'd try it and immediately upon putting it on I felt great relief in the area and 2 days later the fungus was gone. A GREAT product! Thank you!

  18. Huge Improvement

    Posted by Tom Wilson on 13th Feb 2011

    Thank you very much for creating this website.
    Through using this cream I have seen a huge improvement in my seborrheic dermatitis condition, and after many years can now stop using steroids. I recommend this product.

  19. Fantastic product

    Posted by Stefano from Italy on 13th Feb 2011

    I had a serious form of Seborrheic Dermatitis , with this cream
    I immediately got good results, after a week I was better already, my skin is soft and the dermatitis is disappearing.
    It is a fantastic product that I recommend to whom has serious problems as me.
    Thanks Manuka!

  20. Godsend

    Posted by Stephen (London, England) on 13th Feb 2011

    I have tried every product on the market to ease the seborrheic dermatitis I get on my forhead and nose, and after using this product for several weeks, I am finally seeing a result. this product is a godsend.

  21. Very good

    Posted by JK Kim - Korea on 13th Feb 2011

    This is a very good product for Seborrheic dermatitis.
    I have this in my hair and neck and it has helped a lot. I don't want to use chemical products if not necessary. I am very happy with this cream.

  22. Great

    Posted by Sylvia Adam on 13th Feb 2011

    My husband has severe sebaceuous dermatitis or should I say 'had'. After 5 days his face neck and behind his ears was cleared up. After 7 days his head was clear. His district nurse has taken details of the product.

  23. Actually works

    Posted by Nick Hughes on 13th Feb 2011

    I have a pretty serious case of seborrheic dermatitis around my nose, and nothing has ever worked except this cream, which heals it completely. I've tried topical steroids, cleansers, anti-fungals, and crude honey, and this is the only thing that actually works and it's less of a hassle to use than the other stuff.

  24. Excellent

    Posted by Margaret McGowan on 13th Feb 2011

    My partner has used the cream daily to keep his face clear of dermatitis and finds it excellent at keeping his skin clear.
    He had been very wary of using steroid creams prescribed by the doctor but up to now had no alternative. His face was constantly red and inflamed. Thanks to the Manuka cream, his face has healed really well and he no longer uses steroid creams.

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