Velvet Antler Supplements

Velvet Antler for pets

For human use Deer Antler Velvet has been prescribed for a very wide range of conditions including arthritis and joint problems, strengthening cartilage and tendons, skeletal development, reproductive function, promoting growth in children, improving athletic performance, enhanced recovery from physical exertion and immune support.

Only recently however, have the health benefits of Deer Antler Velvet been applied to pets, cats and dogs.

Enlightened veterinarians, pet owners and breeders have reported outstanding results especially for joint problems osteoarthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs and joint and cartilage degeneration in cats, so much so that many pet owners have requested information on the availability of human products for their own use.

It is doubtful that any other health product has ever been tested for as long and as widely for human use (in this case over 2000 years) before being formulated for use in pets, dogs and cats. Usually it has been the other way round where new drugs have been extensively tested on animals before being released for human consumption; thankfully this is not the case with Deer Antler Velvet.

Recent scientific human and veterinary research into the composition of Deer Antler Velvet and the compounds that are present has supported the long held views of ancient practitioners.

Bio-Active velvet Antler

Velvet agility velvet antler for pet cats and dogs is made under a patented process which makes it more effective than the normal freeze drying, powdering and encapsulation process.

This patented fermentation process is vitally important not only for the Bio-Active absorption of the nutrients and compounds in the Antler Velvet, but also for the cost effectiveness of the product.

This bio-active process means that for a given weight of freeze dried and processed Antler Velvet, 4 times more of the active compounds are absorbed into the body. While this patented process is more expensive, in cost vs absorption of the health giving compounds, the Bio-Active Antler Velvet is approx. half the price of conventional processing methods.

This means that you or your pet are able to gain the same benefits with only one quarter of the dosage that is required to achieve the same result as conventionally processed Antler Velvet.

Our unique bio-active process, proven and quality controlled freeze drying process assures you maximum potency and benefits. We use no heat or alcohol distillation, no inactive fillers and we stand by our product being 100% pure and the most beneficial available on the market today. The difference is in the quality of our product.

Deer Antler Velvet is much more than an all-natural alternative to standard joint and arthritis pain relievers. The compounds and growth factors work with the body's natural function to build a happier and more mobile lifestyle for you and your pets.

Osteo-Arthritis Breakthrough

Osteo-arthritis, also called degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. Many factors can initiate osteo-arthritis, including injury to cartilage, as well as the aging process with or without injury.

Osteo-arthritis occurs when the cartilage, which acts as a cushioning shock absorber between the bones in the joints of hands, hips, knees or back, begins to break down, leading to significant pain and disability.

Recently, the ability for Velvet Antler to "support and restore joint structure and function" (as a result of osteo-arthritis) was substantiated by scientific evidence in compliance with FDA regulations. This means that validated scientific studies from around the world prove that velvet antler is a significant anti-inflammatory agent for the symptoms of osteo-arthritis and possibly other types of acute chronic inflammation as well.

Within the comprehensive network of velvet’s nutrients, some, such as glycosamino glycans, calcium, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, certainly contribute to joint support and relieving inflammation. Recently however, research has established that the high level of chondroitin sulfate found in velvet antler acts like a "liquid magnet" attracting fluid into the proteoglycan molecules to ultimately help support human and animal cartilage.

This is critical because this fluid acts as a spongy shock absorber and attracts nutrients into the cartilage. Without this fluid, cartilage becomes malnourished, drier and more fragile.

Studies have confirmed that the chondroitin sulfate in velvet antler actually "helps restore joint function" in people and animals with osteo-arthritis.

Study by The University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada), February 2004

Maxim Moreau, Jacques Dupuis, Norbert H. Bonneau, Manon Lecuyer: The findings were published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, published by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, is the 'voice of veterinary medicine in Canada'. This monthly, peer-reviewed general scientific publication features a wide variety of articles and regular columns intended for the veterinary practitioner.


A powder of elk velvet antler was evaluated on client-owned dogs with osteoarthrosis in a clinical, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study. Thirteen dogs received a placebo for 30 days and then velvet antler for 60 days. Twenty-five other dogs received velvet antler for 60 days. Gait analysis measured with a force plate, clinical signs assessed by an orthopedic surgeon, performances in daily life activities and vitality assessed by the owners, and complete blood analyses were obtained at days 0, after 30 days of placebo and/or 60 days of velvet antler. On placebo, the 13 dogs did not show significant improvement (P > 0.05); however, their gait, their performances in daily life activities, and their vitality were significantly improved on elk velvet antler, based on changes in values exceeding those observed when placebo was administered. The 25 dogs on elk velvet antler for 60 days showed similar improvements. No clinical changes were revealed on blood analyses. Administration of velvet antler was effective in alleviating the condition in arthritic dogs.

This Velvet Antler Clinical Trial was conducted by Glen Zebarth, DVM, and Rebecca Laton, DVM, of the Douglas County Animal Hospital in Alexandria, Minnesota, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota

Trial Completion Date: 5-30-07


A clinical field trail was conducted in dogs diagnosed with traumatic and/or degenerative joint disease of one or multiple joints diagnosed by physical examination, including range of motion evaluations and radiographs. Joints evaluated included hip, stifle, shoulder, carpus, and elbow.

Seventy limbs in 45 dogs were analyzed based on nine areas of mobility-related criteria; each limb was scored from one (no signs) to four (severe) at trial initiation, six weeks and 12 weeks. Mobility and systemic effects using hematological tests, veterinarian assessment and owner perceptions were measured.


According to a Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Non-Parametric statistical analysis performed by Dr. Carl Jessen, University of Minnesota, dogs treated with Velvet Antler supplement statistically improved.

All trial animals exhibited significantly improved range of motion and orthopaedic scores in the areas of walking, trotting, running, and climbing stairs.

The vast majority of these dogs exhibited extreme signs of improvement at the 6 week and the 12 week examinations. Individual joints were analyzed; results show a statistical improvement in shoulder pain and movement, stifle pain and movement, and hip pain and movement.

Dog and Cat Arthritis

Arthritis is thought to affect one in every five dogs and around the same number in cats. As your pets become older, you may notice them slowing down and stiffening up. Don’t accept this as an inevitable part of the aging process – your cat or dog may have arthritis.

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common health problems seen by vets and unfortunately is rarely noticed in the early stages because these animals tend to ignore soreness and discomfort until the arthritic changes in the joints have progressed significantly.

Arthritis is caused by abnormalities of the joints in the body and where significant structural changes have occurred. Some of the more common causes of arthritis, which is basically inflammation of a joint, are misalignment of joint structures, poor diet and nutrition, accident or infection to the joints, torn ligaments and tendons, genetic malformation of the bone structure, plus overweight puppies during the growth stages and also auto-immune problems.

Arthritis can ultimately result in joints that simply don't work properly. Since there are no blood vessels or sensory nerves in joint cartilage, damage to cartilage can be quite advanced before the surrounding supportive tissues become inflamed and sore.

Symptoms include:

•        Stiffness.

•        Reluctance to move.

•        Limping.

•        Difficulty in getting comfortable shown by repeatedly circling before lying down.

•        Sensitivity to touch.

•        Difficulty going up or down stairs and steps.


Treatment options:

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) are most commonly prescribed medication for Arthritis. NSAID’s can be very effective in reducing swelling and inflammation to affected joints, but like all drugs they carry risks of side effects and can actually contribute to additional joint damage and breakdown.

Therapies based on Velvet Antler have been proven to provide a natural, holistic treatment to help relieve symptoms associated with joint problems caused by osteoarthritis in dogs. As well as providing your pet with relief from pain and inflammation and getting them moving again, Velvet Antler provides other long-term benefits for their general wellbeing.

Putting back the bounce

It is heartbreaking to see your pet crippled with osteoarthritis – robbed of their get up and go and the joy of simply being a dog or cat.

Velvet Antler can provide an exciting alternative to conventional drugs and offer health benefits beyond the welcome relief from pain and inflammation! Furthermore, by following a Velvet Antler supplement regime, you can help to prevent the onset of Arthritis at a premature stage in your pet’s life.

If your pet is getting on in years, please remember that they suffer just the same way that we do and that effective treatment is available without any harsh side effects. If you suspect your cat or dog may be suffering from arthritis then try them on Velvet Antler tablets, don’t let your pet suffer in silence.