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Scabies Natural Products

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Manu™ Scabies natural products work to address scabies infestation by targeting both adult scabies mites and eggs. They aim to provide relief by soothing the rash, reducing swelling, and alleviating itching. Our products are designed to be a gentle alternative, with considerations for safety, especially for children over the age of two years.

Scabies mite infestations have become almost impossible to treat for many people as they have become so resistant to synthetic chemical treatments and the itching and scratching can drive you crazy. Here is what one of our customers said about the Manuka Natural scabies treatment pack:

“I wish we had found your website earlier. We have wasted a lot of money on drugstore scabies treatments that DO NOT WORK!
Your treatment products are first rate and completely cured our infection, not only that we have had no side effects at all.
There is a lot to be said for these natural products. You really need to get these products distributed here in USA.
Thanks again for making these fine products we will be telling others in the future.” – Beth Francis Fl, USA

Manuka Natural scabies product pack

The Manuka natural scabies pack includes unique formulas of oil, cream and soap containing New Zealand Manuka essential oil, tea tree, lavender and lemon myrtle oils which are a totally effective natural scabies products, proven in scientific studies and carrying our unconditional 30 day guarantee of total satisfaction.

Scabies infestations in humans have become widespread in recent years. Once mainly restricted the homeless and those living in cramped conditions, they have now spread to all demographics and are even contracted in hospitals, clinics and rest homes.

Scabies mites are highly transferrable and can spread throughout a family or community rapidly so at the first signs, effective steps must be taken to eliminate an infestation with an effective scabies eradication program.

Symptoms of Scabies

Although adult scabies mites can only be identified under a microscope the effect they have is intense itching, especially at night. They are often first found in the webbing of fingers and on the wrists where very fine lines may be seen below the skin. These are the burrows that the scabies mite makes as they track below the skin.

How you get scabies

Scabies are very easy to get because they can transfer from one person to another with any skin to skin contact, as little as a handshake can transfer scabies to another person.

Scabies treatment Options

Conventional scabies treatment has included synthetic pyrethrins, benzyl benzoate, lindane, crotamiton, organo-phosphate chemicals malathion as well as the neurotoxin permethrin and oral ivermectin, (developed as a veterinary medicine to control internal parasites in cattle, sheep and horses).

Many of these synthetic chemical drugs carry serious health warnings of side effects and can be very toxic in certain circumstances, not what you would want to expose yourself or your children to.

Just as strains of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics, many strains of scabies mites have become drug resistant and are now immune to many over the counter and prescription scabies treatments.

Manuka natural scabies products

The well documented and growing resistance of scabies to man-made drugs has led a team of researchers at the Menzies School of Health in Darwin, Australia to draw the following conclusions: “Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies) treatment failures with lindane, crotamiton, and benzyl benzoate, as well as likely emerging resistance to 5% permethrin and oral ivermectin, are of concern and advocate for the identification and development of novel acaricidal drugs".

Independently, researchers in Japan studying resistance to conventional scabies treatment found that the essential oil of New Zealand Manuka was effective against scabies mites at low concentrations.

This research has led Manuka Natural to develop a natural scabies pack utilising a unique formula of New Zealand Manuka and Australian Tea Tree essential oils that is highly effective and safe for the infested person including children over the age of two years.

 “We have been very pleased with your manuka oil products. A family member works in ICU at a local hospital and was infected with scabies through work. After trying a number of other remedies with little or no success we came across reference to manuka oil as an effective treatment and within three weeks of regular application the infestation had completely cleared up. We are most appreciative and satisfied with the product and recommend it to one and all. Thank you!” - Lloyd Johnson, US

Proven all natural scabies products

If you or a family member, friend or colleague have caught scabies and have had difficulty in getting rid of scabies it is time to try our highly effective natural scabies pack which:

 •Quickly eliminates both adult scabies mites and eggs.

 •Has none of the possible side effects of chemical treatments.

 •Soothes the rash.

 •Reduces the swelling.

 •Rapidly eliminates the itching.

 •Prevents it being passed on to others.

 •Safe for children over the age of two years.

 •Shipped in total confidence and plain packaging.

 •Each pack includes step by step instructions for use.

Please Note: This natural scabies pack will be most effective if you use a hot cycle wash and can dry your clothing, towels and bed sheets in a clothes drier on a hot setting for 30 minutes. This will eliminate any scabies mites and eggs that may be on clothing, towels and bedding. If you are not able to use a hot wash and drier with a hot setting we recommend that you should purchase additional Pure Manuka oil for adding to the wash

Our customers love the results!

"Thank you so much for having these scabies natural treatments. We were fighting crusted scabies for 6 months, That I brought home from a hotel.We tried everything and nothing worked, then we found Manuka Natural . After the first treatment we felt human again, followed the directions and in no time they were all dead and no side effects. We now have our life back. The doctors here in the US could learn a thing or two from Manuka Natural. Thank you Bill and staff you the greatest!!!!!!!!!" -  Edward

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Order now and receive the freshest product shipped directly to you from New Zealand.

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