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🇳🇿 From May 28th to July 4th, we'll be temporarily suspending order fulfillment. For more information click here!🇳🇿


Propolis Capsules 3500

by UBbio
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Shipped directly from New Zealand

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The Propolis produced by honey bees in these capsules is a particularly high quality, independently certified as having flavonoid level of 17mg/g.

Propolis is rich in amino acids and trace elements. It also has high vitamin content, bioflavonoids, phenolic acids and esters including "CAPE".

Propolis acts as a natural antibiotic, helping the body defend against invasive bacteria from wounds and insect bites, such as those associated with Lyme disease.

Studies have shown that propolis may inhibit enzymes that increase blood sugar. It is believed that the antioxidant compounds in propolis are responsible for its blood sugar-stabilizing benefits.

Beneficial properties of propolis include its effectiveness at promoting oral health when used as a tincture or oral spray, even possibly being a natural alternative to fluoride

Propolis has been found to be more effective than some pharmaceutical applications against vaginal herpes. Tests also suggest that propolis may significantly reduce the chance of an advanced herpes infection.

Results of tests indicate that propolis may inhibit Candida from growing, and it has the potential for stimulating a healthy immune response to Candida infestation

Taking Propolis capsules daily will support the immune system.

Bee Propolis works wonders!

"I take a capsule everyday and feel so much better for doing so. In this day and age with Covid, this supplement has been extremely beneficial. I have been in close contact with individuals that have soon after tested positive for the virus while I have remained virus free. I recommend this product !!" -  Dawn O, USA

Suggested use: take 2 capsules daily before food.

Warning: If you suffer from allergies related to bee products, we recommend taking medical advice before consuming propolis capsules.

Encapsulation aids are rice flour and carob powder.

Research relating to propolis effect on bacteria, viruses and health - click here.

For those that have been taking propolis tincture, one propolis capsule contains the equivalent of 4 drops of tincture

Propolis Capsules 500mg x 180 capsules

The Propolis extraction process is as follows:

  1. Raw material warmed and wax removed
  2. Soak raw material and filtration
  3. Extract using ethanol
  4. Vacuum dry
  5. Crush into powder
  6. Encapsulate.