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🇳🇿 From May 28th to July 4th, we'll be temporarily suspending order fulfillment. For more information click here!🇳🇿
🇳🇿 From May 28th to July 4th, we'll be temporarily suspending order fulfillment. For more information click here!🇳🇿


IMPORTANT: Read this BEFORE you buy Manuka honey

Certified Manuka Honey UMF® 15+ (Methylglyoxal content 515 mg/kg) UMF® is a quality mark that ensures that all manuka honey sold with the mark has been independently tested for its methylglyoxal level and must have been packed and produced in New Zealand.

The higher the level of UMF® the higher the level of effectiveness and benefits.

A selection of research abstracts are available in the Manuka honey bibliography where Professor Peter Molan and others from the University of Waikato in New Zealand have completed research into the healing properties of Manuka honey.

To receive a UMF® grading, a honey must have the presence of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), Methylglyoxal, and Leptosperin. The UMF® rating is a measure of the attributes and values that make up Manuka honey, and assures purity & quality.

Manuka Honey UMF® 15+ has a methylglyoxal content of 515mg/kg

Recurring tonsillitis cured

"This is interesting, I started taking this honey for recurring tonsillitis, and found an interesting side effect, it reduced my stomach pain that I often has after eating acidic food. I don’t know if I have an ulcer or not, but this honey sure helps, so I will be ordering more in future. Thanks for your good service, it took less than a week to get to USA" Trevor Muir - USA

Great stuff for reflux

"Since reading about this, I got Manuka UMF 15+ honey and it has undoubtedly made a huge difference to the reflux problems I have been having. Every time I eat something fatty or high in carbs, I take a spoon of Manuka honey and I don’t have any more problems. Great stuff."  Bill Anderson - US

How to use

Mix with warm water and enjoy as a soothing drink, or spread onto bread or toast. Or even eat on it’s own!

Can be used internally and externally.

Do not give to babies under 1 year of age.


Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey UMF® 15+  (Methylglyoxal content 515 mg/kg) comes in a 250g (8.82oz) pot.

UMFHA Licence # 1024 Brand labels and Licence #'s may change from time to time depending on availability, however the UMF certification and methylglyoxal content will remain as advertised.

More information about Manuka UMF® honey certification and levels of UMF® are available in Manuka Honey

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These statements and reviews have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.