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Studies show that propolis can protect and assist recovery from cancer

Studies show that propolis can protect and assist recovery from cancer

Effects of propolis tincture from NZ may help you to see cancer recovery from another angle

Although propolis is treated as a by-product of honey, in natural medicine, propolis tincture from NZ in no way bears such an epithet.

For many years I’ve taken a keen interest in ancient and alternative, kind of ‘off the grid’ cultures…

And, why do so many of these people live to 100, or even 120+ (despite not having regular doctors, big pharma, and so on)?

Better still…

These people don’t just live to 120… they LIVE… they THRIVE throughout their entire lives. Many reports suggest men are still fathering kids in their 70’s, or even 80’s in these cultures (and women are giving birth to healthy children in their 50’s and 60’s).

It’s quite remarkable…

And, much more impressive than today’s most “civilized societies” (like the US, and the UK) – where people only tend to live to around 80, and spend much of the last 10-20 years of their lives decrepit and miserable.

Tell me, do you know which country in the world is most long-lived?

It’s Japan.

That is why today I decided to represent you the findings of two Japanese professors that studied cancer and its development under alternative natural medicines.

The central aspect of their research brought them into the honey world.

The first professor, Hiroshi Maruta, specialized in signaling therapy of major cancers and NF (neurofibromatosis) for more than 37 years.

So here is what he had to say about propolis tincture from NZ.

Why Propolis tincture from NZ?

For many decades, representatives of natural healing methods have been talking about the enormous healing properties of this substance. For example, propolis from beehives contains a hundred million years of wisdom of bee colonies protecting their hive from various diseases.

Honey bees source resin from trees and shrubs. These natural plant resins have potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties.

And when mixed with the bees’ enzymes, they form propolis.

Over 300 hundred ingredients have been found in propolis. However, propolis composition varies greatly depending on the plant source.

New Zealand is fortunate to have one of the richest concentrations of bioactive compounds in its propolis.

The lead compound in propolis is Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester (CAPE) which research has identified as the block against tumors creation.

The New Zealand propolis extract called BIO30 is the richest source of CAPE, a primary anti-cancer ingredient in propolis compared to any other propolis worldwide.

So that makes it very special. And the most potential propolis in the world. BIO30 liquid is a water-soluble CAPE-rich extract of New Zealand propolis.

Propolis, in general, including this one, should have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. For example, it is suitable for infectious diseases such as Swine flu.

Also, based on the results of the recent Nematode experiments, propolis can improve our quality of life and extend it.

CAPE works best in the BIO30 propolis, where it acts synergistically with other valuable compounds…That makes it effective in suppressing the growth of tumors and provides other health benefits.

So the conclusion is that propolis tincture from NZ is good for health in general.

But, although the CAPE is an anti-cancer ingredient, its bioavailability is known to be very poor. So CAPE as a single compound has never been clinically used.

However, BIO30 has a significant advantage over CAPE alone.

And for two reasons: one is that this extract contains plenty of lipids that solubilize CAPE.

Secondly, this extract contains several other anti-cancer ingredients that work synergistically with CAPE and boost its anti-cancer activity by 600 times.

So that makes BIO30 a potent compound compared to other propolis samples around the world. In addition, CAPE blocks the production of the PAK enzyme, which is involved in the growth and development of more than 70% of human cancers.

CAPE is known to block the unique oncogenic enzyme called PAK, which is essential for the growth of more than 70% of cancers and NF (Neurofibromatosis).

What we found is very hopeful.

Both of the NF1 and NF2 tumors were blocked entirely, and particularly the NF2 tumors completely disappeared after one month of treatment.

Encouraged by this finding and knowing BIO30 is a very safe healthcare supplement, professor Maruta, has been conducting a pilot trial with volunteers suffering from various forms of cancer.

We started trials of BIO30 on NF people two years ago. Right now, about 150 patients are testing what we are saying.

And by now most patients have reported no further growth and no new tumors development.

Clinical experiences of advanced cancer patients using propolis tincture

The second professor I would like you to meet is Osamu Mizukami, MD, Ph.D., DrPH.

This professor stopped believing in the conventional modern approach when he was a student. He returned to alternative methods right then, and now he runs a Health Promotion Clinic in Tokyo.

He has treated more than 4,000 patients with advanced cancer in the last 35 years, using conventional and complementary medicine.

And about 90% of his patients have all types of cancer. Most of them are advanced cancer patients.

Dr. Mizukami says that approximately 70% of Japanese cancer patients use complementary/ supplementary medicine combined with conventional medicine.

But most of these patients do not tell their doctors about their use because most Japanese doctors are skeptical about it.

Since his father’s positive experience with propolis, professor Mizukami has been using propolis as complementary medicine for more than 500 patients with advanced stages of cancer.

Why propolis tincture from NZ, you may ask?

The research has shown that propolis possesses many anti-cancer properties.

Propolis has:

1.Direct anti-cancer effect

2.immune-enhancing effect

3.Antioxidant effect

4.Antiangiogenic effect

5.Antiinflammatory effect

6.Antiviral and anti-bacterial effects

7.Tissueregenerating effect

8.Chemoprotective effect

9.Radioprotective effect

Caffeic acid phenyl ester (CAPE) increases the CD4(+) T‐cell subset, IL‐2, IL‐4, and IFN‐γ in mice.

CAPE also prevents metastasis to the lungs in breast cancer.

What does that even mean?

Free radicals increase in cancer patients, which stimulates cell proliferation, resulting in recurrence and metastasis.

And CAPE has a strong anti-oxidant effect.

Therefore, if the patient first decides to go with a conventional approach, it is good to know that chemotherapy accompanied by propolis decreases adverse reactions.

That’s because propolis combined with chemotherapy has synergetic effects compared to only chemotherapy. That was a conclusion from research both in vitro (laboratory) and in vivo (with real persons).

How does the CAPE in propolis tincture from NZ block the formation of tumors?

Well, more than 70% of cancer and NF depend on the kinase called PAK for growth.

CAPE blocks activation of this enzyme. It inactivates it. That is its primary mechanism.

Several cancers represent more than 70% of all human cancer. Including major cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer, as well as pancreatic, colon, cervical, and ovarian cancer.

But also glioma, melanoma, multi myeloma, and neurofibromatosis tumors.

This is a short list of target tumors to which propolis tincture form NZ can contribute.

A study from New York University shows that propolis is an anti-cancer ingredient.

In the scientific journal “Cancer Science and Therapy,” the university states: “CAPE affects genes associated with cancer cell growth, survival, and angiogenesis.

According to the mentioned research, CAPE’s effect on carcinogenic breast cancer cells is partly caused by its “histone deacetylase inhibitor” role.

Histone inhibitors are enzymes that help modulate genes that prevent tumor growth; they can block the development and production of harmful genes and stop uncontrolled cell replication, which is responsible for uncontrolled tumor growth.

In fact, in cancer patients, these genes to control cell development are turned off, so the tumor develops uncontrollably.

Propolis induces development death in cancer cells, with CAPE and chrysin being identified as the two main agents that are the cause of the antiproliferative effect. It does that by changing the expression of cancer-related genes. (1)

In a paper published in the Journal of Cancer Prevention Research, scientists found that CAPE is effective in early-stage prostate cancer – it prevents further growth of tumor cells by acting on their dietary source.

CAPE does not destroy cancer but prevents its growth.

Even at low concentrations, CAPE effectively slowed the proliferation of cells isolated from human prostate tumors after oral administration.

What are other serious illnesses caused by the PAK enzyme?

Several so-called non-cancerous diseases also depend on this kinase PAK.

Therefore BIO30 could be potential use for these illnesses, i.e., arthritis, epilepsy, and some sort of autism.

Propolis has an anti-inflammatory effect because it blocks enzymes that produce prostaglandins, substances that can cause inflammation, fever, and pain under certain conditions.

Thanks to bioflavonoids, propolis protects against viral infections. Viruses are enveloped in a protein coat that serves as their protection. When they reach the body, they get rid of that envelope and thus transmit the infection to healthy cells.

It is believed that bioflavonoids from propolis can block enzymes that help viruses get rid of their shell and become dangerous to health. Therefore, people with weakened immunity to propolis may have another type of protection.

Propolis tincture from NZ

Propolis from NZ is sourced from the pristine native New Zealand forest. Trees and plants developed in geographical isolation over the last 80 million years, and are now only found in New Zealand, provide the source for CAPE and other compounds.

Propolis tincture from NZ provides a natural solution to some of man’s most challenging health issues. And at the bare minimum, it is potent as BIO30.

How much should a person take?

Therapy involves patients taking a daily dose of 1 ml per 10 kg of propolis tincture from NZ by body weight.

We also stock propolis capsules for those who prefer a capsule to taking drops of tincture.

One propolis capsule contains the equivalent of 4 drops of tincture.

In the end …

Why use pharmaceutical drugs when studies show that natural remedies such as propolis do much more without side effects and are stronger in the fight against many diseases?

Based on scientific research in the last decade, propolis tincture is definitely a natural substance that should be used for cancerous diseases. Still, we can also use it every day as a natural home remedy for many problems.

In the situation where propolis tincture from NZ suppresses grow of cancerous cells, its strength comes with a significant influence.

Can you imagine how many positive effects it has on a healthy person?

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