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Healthy diet reduces the need for medication

Yesterday I was watching a program on television where Jamie Oliver was talking about improving the quality of food in American high schools.

He was frustrated about the resistance to change that many of the school boards and shown to his recommendation that they adopt a more healthy menu for school lunches.

Jamie was very concerned about the high level of obesity amongst teenagers and he felt that this could be corrected through the adoption of a healthier diet.

It appears that school boards in the USA resistant to change, we see this also happening in the medical profession where drugs are prescribed that in many cases carry side effects when people could be using natural remedies instead.

A more healthy balanced diet could have reduced both the level of obesity and exposure to many other health conditions related to poor diet.

All too often people are prescribed antibiotics for conditions that do not require this form of medication. Viral infections should not be treated with antibiotics, and to do so reduces the effect of the persons natural immunity.

Antibiotics should only be used in cases of serious bacterial infection.

In many cases natural solutions can be found to eliminate common skin conditions that do not require the use of antibiotics or indeed steroids.

One of the best natural remedies for eczema for example is Manuka honey which is also very effective in treating acne outbreaks.

Unfortunately doctors tend to prescribe drugs for these conditions which can have serious side effects when they should be looking first at proven natural remedies.

We often see people who are suffering the side effects of using steroids to treat skin conditions like eczema which once they stop using them results in massive flare-ups on their skin. This is very distressing particularly when it involves young children.

A simple solution at the outset would have been a natural cream containing Manuka UMF honey that would have reduced the inflammation and the intense itching which only makes the condition worse from resulting scratching.

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