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Dental Care spray

by UBbio
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UB Dental Care spray is a natural oral spray formulated to reduce the buildup of plaque, tartar and prevent bad breath.

Natural Manuka UMF honey and Manuka hydrosol (from manuka oil distillation process) have proven effectiveness against oral bacteria causing gingivitis.

UB Dental Care promotes gum and mouth health, also protects gums from receeding, 

Carefully selected ingredients include:

Manuka hydrosol containing the water soluble compounds from the distillation of East Cape Manuka oil.

East Cape Manuka oil concentrate, proven in studies to control a wide range of bacteria, fungus and viruses responsible for oral infection.

Manuka UMF honey reduces inflammation and prevents the development of plaque.

Propolis has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties

Cinnamon oil contains compounds with strong antifungal properties to fight oral thrush infection. 

Velvet antler is a renowned oriental health tonic produced in New Zealand via a patented bio-active extraction process providing an enhanced assimilation of its unique health benefits.

Peppermint flavoring provides a pleasant breath freshening aroma.

Handy size for handbag, pocket or briefcase.

Size 30ml in a spray applicator.