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Timeless Beauty - Revitalising Face Cream contains Manuka honey, Nato Gum and Avocado oil for visible redensification of the skin and reduction of the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Manuka honey penetrates deeply into the epidermis making the skin look visibly younger and firmer. Features become smoother, wrinkles and fine lines fade away, the face is less marked. The skin is firmer, more elastic and glowing with youth.

This Manuka honey revitalising cream has a rich blend of natural oils, beeswax and rose water to create a silky soft skin cream that restores your skin and reduces the visible signs of ageing.

These tried and true natural ingredients; pure therapeutic essential oils and Manuka honey, are proven to penetrate deeply into the epidermis and have a long history of success on human skin in need of rejuvenation, replenishment and protection from environmental effects.

No synthetic reconstruction can fully replicate a natural substance that contains hundreds of trace elements.

Fortunately, in New Zealand there are lots of choices in natural, botanical substances to work with. There has always been a complementary relationship between plants and humans. The subtle beneficial response is effectiveness without aggression.

Once you feel the softness of natural textures and fragrances, you'll never go back to the artificial or chemicals-based skin care products.

This is the experience we like to share with you!

Timeless Beauty - Revitalising Face Cream comes in a 50gm (1.76oz) tube

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