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Propolis throat spray

by UBbio
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Olepropolis Throat Spray combines high grade Manuka honey, Propolis, Olive leaf extract, peppermint and lemon flavoring to soothe the throat and help maintain fresh breath and oral health.

A Scientific Research paper into the Impact of Propolis on Oral Health shows that "propolis can help prevent dental caries and control gingivitis and plaque. It reduces halithosis (bad breath) and symptoms of periodontosis. It is also effective in fighting viruses".

Comes in a convenient 30ml spray bottle which can easily be carried with you on the go.

INGREDIENTS:  Glycerine, alcohol,  Propolis extract, Olive leaf extract, water,  Manuka Honey, Peppermint oil, lemon oil.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Spray in the mouth or throat 3-4 times daily.

WARNING: Propolis may cause allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. Not suitable for children under 2 years of age.