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 Why you should wash your face with honey

Why you should wash your face with honey

Would you switch out your face wash for honey?

The latest craze on beauty blogs seems to be honey. But not for the reason you think. No, the sites aren’t promoting that you eat it. Rather, they’re telling you to slather it all over your face as a cleanser. Sounds pretty messy to me.

So I took it upon myself to do some research. The first thing I found was that you need to make sure you use the correct type of honey. Those cute little honey bears from your grocery won’t quite cut it. That kind of honey may actually cause more problems.

According to, Manuka honey is what you should be looking for. It doesn’t come in a cute animal-shaped package, and it doesn’t come with the low price of grocery store honey, either. If you find Manuka honey for a comparable price, then it’s probably a fraud.

From my research, I found that because it’s gaining popularity in the beauty industry, there are many frauds out there. So beware. You can purchase certified Manuka honey from vitamin stores, specialty grocery stores and online. According to, the five best brands are Comvita Manuka Honey UMF 15+, Kiva Certified UMF 15+ – Raw Manuka Honey, Natural Solutions UMF15+ East Cape Manuka Honey.

But why exactly is honey becoming so popular? credits that Manuka honey “can have natural antibacterial properties which can help curb breakouts.” It’s also known to be soothing, hydrating and nourishing to the skin. Many people who suffer from cystic acne have seen amazing skin-clearing results after switching to a honey face wash.

Honey naturally is an anti-inflammatory. Adding it to your skin care routine can help reduce inflammation, which helps the overall appearance of your skin.

While it sounds like this could be a sticky situation, I’ve read on multiple beauty blogs that it isn’t as messy as you would think. It glides on smooth and wipes off easily with water. It’s supposed to be a soothing experience.

Ideally leave it on overnight, and cover with cling wrap to prevent it getting on your pillow.

If you’re not quite sold on rubbing sticky honey all over your face, you could opt for a product that has raw honey in it. There are many cleansers and masks on the market that include honey.

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