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​What Makes New Zealand Propolis special?

What Makes New Zealand Propolis special?

Propolis is a resin like substance produced by honey bees to protect their hive against infection from bacteria and other outside contaminants.

In recent times New Zealand propolis has been extensively researched for its ability to provide protection from bacterial infection and cancer developments in humans.

The active compounds in New Zealand propolis which differentiates it from propolis from other countries is the presence of caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE)

Melbourne, Australia based Professor Hiroshi Maruta has been testing New Zealand propolis for several months on 70 neurofibromatosis, melanoma and pancreatic cancer sufferers with promising results.

He has reported that tumour growth has been halted in most patients.

This is very exciting news for cancer sufferers who may find that New Zealand propolis could assist with their treatment.

Please note we do not claim that New Zealand propolis extracts will cure cancer, just that there is very promising research being undertaken right now.

But regardless of cancer research it is well known that New Zealand propolis is 5 times more powerful than propolis from other countries due to the level of CAPE.

Propolis is also proven to be very effective in controlling bacteria so is very useful for treating sore throats, acne, inflammation and for preventing external cuts, scratches and insect bites from infection.

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