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Scabies treatment help

With scabies infestations on the rise many people are looking at natural remedies as a last resort when they should be looking to them first.

Unfortunately very few people are aware that scabies mites have become resistant to conventional drugs, and no-one in the pharmaceutical industry or drug stores is letting on.

Instances of drug resistant scabies have been identified by many researchers in recent years as their resistance to conventional drugs; permethrin, malathion, lindane,and oral ivermectin (a drug developed to eliminate internal parasites in livestock) has become more widespread.

Many people report being at their wits end with their continuing infestation of scabies mites.

Scabies are a mite so small that they can not be seen with the naked eye. Normally a skin scraping has to be taken and examined under a microscope to get positive identification of scabies.

Most commonly the infestation will become noticeable on the wrists or between the webbing of the fingers where their ‘tracks’ may be seen just under the skin.

Intense itching will often accompany the scabies infestation particularly at night causing loss of sleep for many people.

Several natural products have been identified including neem (which has a foul aroma) turmeric and both Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils.

Manuka Natural Ltd. In New Zealand has developed a novel solution specifically to treat drug resistant scabies which is a unique blend of these two essential oils.

This blend is produced in a diluted oil form (you should never apply pure tea tree oil to the skin) and in a cream both of which also include a small concentration of Lemon myrtle oil which give the formula a pleasant lemon aroma.

However the most important thing is that it works, controlling and eliminating a scabies infestation and the intense itching in a short time.

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