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Ringworm home remedy

Ringworm home remedy

Ringworm can easily and safely treated at home with Manuka essential oil, Manuka cream and soap.

During the summer months ringworm is very common due to warm and humid weather which provide ideal conditions for its spread.

Ringworm is also highly contagious, with the use of popular places like swimming pools, gymnasiums and sports facilities, ringworm can spread easily by direct contact or shared towels, and sporting equipment, spreading among family members and friends.

There is no 'worm' involved in ringworm infection, ringworm is actually a common skin fungus, supported by warmth, humidity, darkness and lack of oxygen, the same conditions that support related tines skin fungus infections athletes foot and jock itch.

Scientific studies have identified Manuka essential oil from New Zealand as a safe and highly effective way to eliminate the dermatophytosis or tinea fungus which causes the unsightly rings on the skin.

How to get rid of ringworm

Application of products containing Manuka essential oil, skin cream,  diluted essential oil and soap are all that is required to combat and eliminate the infection.

A specific pack containing these products is available from including instructions for use.

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