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Propolis  - conavirus survey result

Propolis - conavirus survey result

We recently asked our customers who have ordered propolis in tincture, capsule and throat spray form this year if anyone who had been taking these products had contracted coronavirus.

While this survey was not a clinical study, the resulting responses do provide anecdotal evidence that propolis has at least been beneficial to those taking it.

We have not received a single report that anyone has suffered from this virus since taking propolis.

We have had one who was displaying very strong symptoms who began taking propolis tincture along with other natural supplements such as vitamin C, Manuka Honey zinc, magnesium chloride topical and RSO and who said she recovered fully in 10 days.

Another couple said they worked in a medical practice where they could have been exposed to the virus while significantly, another said she had been taking propolis regularly and had been unknowingly ride sharing daily with an infected person but did not contract the virus herself.

Many others reported that they have been taking propolis during the pandemic spread and have not become infected.

Taking propolis therefore appears to be very positive.

You will see a research paper that relates to the antiviral effects of propolis on other forms of virus, all of which are reported to have been eliminated by this natural product if you search the term: 

Antimicrobial and antiviral properties of different types of propolis

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey and we hope you all keep well during this very challenging time.

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