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New test to authenticate Manuka Honey about to be released

New test to authenticate Manuka Honey about to be released

Manuka UMF honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand. One of its major properties is its very high antimicrobial value and as an alternative medicine.

It is highly sought after because of its healing properties.

The North American and European regions currently hold the highest share of Manuka honey owing to its high demand there. Asia-Pacific also has a huge potential for growth of Manuka honey market owing to the presence of large upper middle-class population present in the geography.

The growing population in developing economies means that the Manuka honey market has a great potential to grown in the near future because of its high demand.

Manuka UMF honey offers natural treatment for conditions such as Acne, Eczema, Allergies, Sinusitis, sore throats, etc., which is driving this market globally.

Continuous rise in the disposable incomes of developing regions is one of the key growth opportunity drivers for this market.

The growth of the Manuka honey market may be hindered due to counterfeit products and the high price of this honey in many countries.

However the New Zealand honey industry and the NZ Government agencies have recently approved a testing regime which can quickly identify genuine Manuka honey from a host of adulterated products.

Whether this testing will be available and implemented in certain Asian countries where counterfeiting is rife remains to be seen.

As previously advised, for authentic Manuka UMF honey, consumers are advised to buy from an authenticated New Zealand based website stocking certified UMF Manuka honey

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