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New shampoo for dogs with skin allergies and itchy skin

Veterinarians tell us that over 8 million dogs in USA alone suffer from itchy skin caused by skin allergies of one form or another.

What causes this itchy skin can be anything from household sprays or cleaners to pollen from grass and parasite attack especially fleabites.

When a flea bites your dogs skin it leaves behind an antigen in the saliva which can cause severe irritation which your dog will want to scratch, causing inflammation and distress to the skin.

This in turn can allow other forms of bacterial or fungal infection to take hold making the problem worse.

Another cause of itchy skin can be caused by using a shampoo that is too acidic for your dogs skin. Dogs have a higher natural pH on their skin and require a special shampoo, definitely not human shampoo.

We have recently released a special hypoallergenic dog shampoo with a pH level of approx. 7.3 which is ideal for washing your dog.

In addition this shampoo contains a very mild cleanser made from coconut called coco glucoside and the water side of the shampoo is from Manuka hydrosol which is a natural antibacterial and antifungal product produced during the steam extraction of Manuka essential oil.

Manuka hypoallergenic dog shampoo can be seen here:

We also talk about this shampoo on our Youtube channel here:

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