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Manuka oil shampoo for head lice

Head lice are a recurring problem for families with young and school age children where some parents do not take action on head lice which constantly re-infests other children whose parents are vigilant.

The thing about head or hair lice is that they are just as happy to go to clean hair as to dirty hair, so what can parents do to prevent their children from catching them?

A simple solution is to use Manuka oil shampoo, this shampoo only contains a very low concentration of Manuka oil but it is enough to keep head lice from transferring from a carrier to your child.

Head lice hate the smell of Manuka oil so will not easily invade the hair of your child. A secondary solution is to rub a very small amount of Manuka and Tea Tree cream (about the size of a pea is enough) between your hands and then passing your hands through your childs hair before they go to school.

Little girls appear to be more prone to catching head lice because they tend to often have longer hair and they are also more social than little boys, frequently girls will have their heads together during play giving the head lice a better opportunity to transfer from one to another.

So if you are looking for a safe and natural solution to control the spread of hair lice try using Manuka shampoo and/or Manuka and Tea Tree Cream

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