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Manuka honey research report

Manuka honey research report

Greetings from New Zealand

We hope that this finds you safe and well and out of reach from the COVID-19 virus.

At Manuka Natural we are able to continue supplying our customers from around the world although there are disruptions to air freight to some European destinations.

We are also finding that shipments to USA, Canada, UK and Australia are taking longer than NZ Posts’ recommended delivery times so we have to all be a little bit patient during these testing times.

People have been asking about natural products that could possibly help to protect them from the virus and although we are not aware of any substantiated reports yet because this virus is so recent, there are anecdotal reports that Manuka honey and New Zealand propolis posses antiviral properties which, while they may not provide complete protection, may prevent the virus from replicating once contracted.

We have a lot of research on the antimicrobial properties of honey and of Manuka honey, here is one report that may interest you;

In our next submission we will look at NZ propolis.

Kind regards,

Bill Gluyas

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