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Jock Itch Treatment

Jock itch is a very uncomfortable condition which as the name suggests relates to a very itchy groin area. 

Jock itch is most common in men but the same fungal infection affects women as well in the form of yeast infection, thrush or candida albicans. 

Both are readily treatable with a natural Manuka cream containing Manuka essential oil.

Manuka essential oil is well proven to control all types of skin fungal infection and it is very easily tolerated on the skin.

For men treatment is as simple as applying East Cape Manuka Cream to the groin area night and morning for a week and this infection will be eliminated.

For women we recommend applying the cream to a tampon and inserting it overnight for several days as well as applying the cream to the outer area of the vulva.

It is always advisable that both partners of a couple are treated simultaneously to prevent reinfection.

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