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Is There Manuka Honey Near Me?

Is There Manuka Honey Near Me?

The short answer to this common question is: Unless you live in New Zealand there is not likely to be any high quality Manuka honey near you in a store or health food shop.

Now I did say high quality and the reason is that there could easily be honey labeled as Manuka honey near you, but unless it is certified as UMF Manuka honey which is produced, packed and labeled in New Zealand it could well have been blended with other cheap forms of honey, even with sugar syrup! 

And this form of fraudulent honey will not contain any of the valuable health properties that has made Manuka UMF honey famous around the world.

The reason for this is the antibacterial methylglyoxal compounds which are only present in the higher quality certified UMF Manuka honey.

If your honey is not certified UMF with a number to follow like UMF 15+ for example, then you are basically buying it for taste alone. 

Dont get me wrong, all pure honey is good for you, its just that only Manuka UMF noney carries the additional antimicrobial compounds.

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