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How to treat Ringworm naturally

Ringworm is a common fungal skin infection that can be easily spread by contact with other people and pet cats and dogs.

It is most common amongst children and can be easily picked up from a family pet or from swimming pools.

Ringworm displays a characteristic ring shape with the outer edges slightly swollen as the infection spreads across the infected area.

There are a range of topical treatments available over the counter however most of these are not as effective as the natural Manuka essential oil cream and soap.

Manuka essential oil has been proven in scientific studies to be the most effective anti-fungal essential oil in the world and it is also very gentle on the skin.

The recommended treatment for Ringworm with Manuka products is to apply the 25% concentration Manuka oil directly to the ringworm ring, and to apply the Manuka cream to surrounding areas to prevent further spread of the fungal infection. Manuka soap should be used to wash the entire body to prevent further spread of this skin fungus.

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