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How to treat drug resistant scabies

Scabies mite infestations used to be confined to the poor, the homeless and those living in overcrowded accommodation. 

However in recent years scabies have become a mainstream problem, able to be picked up in even the best hotels, hospitals and rest homes.

The reason for the now widespread incidence of scabies is that they have become resistant to many of the traditional drugs including malathion, lindane, permethrin,and to a lesser extent ivermectin.

Naturally many people are concerned about using chemicals on their skin and on both young and elderly people with good reason as lindane is a neurotoxin and now banned from use in Agriculture in USA, but strangely not in pharmaceuticals yet. 

Lindane can affect the liver and kidneys and cause other serious side effects of skin irritation, dizziness and seizures.

Scientists searching for natural solutions to treat scabies have discovered that a combination of Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils are a highly effective treatment that so far has no reported side effects or resistance from scabies mites or their eggs.

Here I talk about using products containing Manuka and Tea Tree which have proven to be highly effective in treating scabies infestations.

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