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How to get rid of Warts

Warts, plantar warts and verrucas are all caused by a virus.

Warts can be unsightly if on visible areas of the skin and plantar warts or verrucas are ingrown warts that can become painful on the soles of the feet.

These can all be treated naturally with tha application of pure Manuka essential oil. Manuka oil from New Zealand is easily tolerated on the skin even in pure form and has powerful anti-viral properties. 

Warts are caused by a virus so the application of Manuka essential oil will gradually eliminate them.

In order to keep the essential oil in contact with the wart or verruca as much as possible it is best to apply the oil to both the wart or verruca and also to the gauze of a band aid srtrip to keep the wart exposed to the oil for as long as possible.

Keep up this treatment until the wart or verruca has gone.

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