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How to get rid of scabies naturally

Scabies infestations in humans have become widespread in recent years

Once mainly restricted the homeless and those living in cramped conditions, they have now spread to all demographics and are even contracted in hospitals, clinics and rest homes.

Scabies mites are highly transferrable and can spread throughout a family or community rapidly so at the first signs, effective steps must be taken to eliminate an infestation.

Although adult scabies mites can only be identified under a microscope the effect they have is intense itching, especially at night. They are often first found in the webbing of fingers and on the wrists where very fine lines may be seen below the skin. These are the burrows that the scabies mite makes as they track below the skin.

Resistant to man-made chemicals

The reason scabies have become so widespread in recent years is that, like strains of bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics, many strains of scabies mites have become drug resistant and are now immune to many over the counter scabies treatments.

Norwegian or crusted scabies are even more difficult to eliminate and require a strategy involving repeated applications of an effective treatment.

Medical practitioners are partly to blame for the spread of scabies as are pharmaceutical companies who continue to prescribe and manufacture ineffective treatments, allowing the surviving scabies mites to become more resistant and pass drug resistance on to future generations.

Scientific Report

This growing resistance to man-made drugs has led a team of Australian researchers; Walton S.F., McKinnon M., Pizzutto S., Dougall A., Williams E., Currie B.J., at the Menzies School of Health in Darwin to draw the following conclusions: “Sarcoptes scabiei (scabies) treatment failures with lindane, crotamiton, and benzyl benzoate, as well as likely emerging resistance to 5% permethrin and oral ivermectin, are of concern and advocate for the identification and development of novel acaricidal drugs".

Their research has led to the development of a natural treatment for scabies utilising a unique formula of New Zealand Manuka and Australian Tea Tree essential oils that is highly effective and safe for the infested person.

What makes the combination of Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils so effective is that in nature the balance of compounds present in a plant changes with the seasons. This is how plants protect themselves against attack by parasites and microbial infection. If plants produced the same balance of chemical compounds in their sap every year the parasites living on them would develop immunity and the plant would die.

By constantly varying the balance of compounds in their leaves they are able to protect themselves and by harnessing this special attribute we are able to use extracts of certain plants to protect ourselves against attack from human parasites.

If you or a family member have caught scabies and have had, or are still having difficulty in getting rid of them it is time to try our highly effective natural scabies treatment pack which;

Quickly eliminates both adult scabies mites and eggs.

Has none of the possible side effects of chemical treatments.

Soothes the rash.

Reduces the swelling.

Rapidly eliminates the itching.

Prevents it being passed on to others.

Safe for children over the age of two years.

Shipped in total confidence and plain packaging.

Saves US$15.30 over purchasing individual products.

Each pack includes step by step instructions for use.

Please Note: This natural treatment pack will be most effective if you use a hot cycle wash and can dry your clothing, towels and bed sheets in a clothes drier on a hot setting for 30 minutes. This will eliminate any scabies mites and eggs that may be on clothing, towels and bedding. If you are not able to use a hot wash and drier with a hot setting we recommend that you should purchase additional Pure Manuka oil for adding to the wash.

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