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How do you catch scabies mites?

We are often asked where scabies come from and how you get them.

You can’t blame your pets if you get scabies because the mites that cause the disease in dogs and cats usually fail to thrive on the human skin.

Even if they get transferred from the skin of your dog to your skin, you may feel a mild itchy sensation that goes away after a while.

This is totally unlike the human scabies that will get much worse and will not go away without effective treatment.

Human Scabies are also highly contagious and only spread from human to human contact, although it is also possible for it to be contracted via exposure to infested clothing, bedding or furniture.

If it is suspected that scabies has been caught from one of these sources treatment can begin initially with a natural product such as a formula containing a blend of Manuka and Tea Tree oils

People often report that many synthetic treatments like permethrin, malathion, benxyl benzonate and ivermectin do not work and the reason for this is that the scabies mite has become resistant to these synthetic formulations.

However scientists report that (so far) scabies have no resistance to this natural formulation of Manuka and Tea Tree oils.

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