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How do I know if I have scabies?

If you have a serious, persistent rash that doesn’t appear to ease up, it may well be caused by infestation with scabies mites.

Most commonly the first signs of Scabies appear between the webbing of the fingers and on the inside of the wrists.

Scabies rash is known through intense itching especially at night.

You can not see scabies mites with the naked eye they can only bee seen under a microscope and since they burrow under the skin, a skin scraping will have to be made to expose them for identification.

Scabies rash might also turn out to be extremely irritated following going for a hot shower or bath.

If the skin appears to be blistery and scratched along with the existence of small burrows or tunnels on the inside of the wrist it really is a possible sign of scabies rash and appropriate treatment will be necessary.

The problem with treatment is that most of the conventional over the counter chemical treatments are no longer effective due to resistance to these drugs by the scabies mites.

However there is help at hand, Scientists in Australia and Japan have shown that a combination of Manuka and Tea Tree essential oils at 5% concentration are an effective way of elimination both the Scabies mites and their eggs.

Natural Scabies Treatment

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