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Dog Joint Pain - The Shocking Truth about Anti-inflammatory drugs

Dog Joint Pain - The Shocking Truth about Anti-inflammatory drugs

Do not allow your Vet to prescribe Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) for your dog’s joint pain because it could cause intestinal, kidney and liver damage, even death of your dog!

It was proven that NSAID’s can cause death in dogs following the class action lawsuit against the Pfizer Company’s Rimadyl product.

The US FDA has forced the manufacturers of Rimadyl to carry a label warning that it could cause death in dogs. There are many other brands of NSAID’s which also carry warnings about the risk of serious side effects.

This shocking state has promoted the development of natural joint pain relief supplements for dogs and cats; fortunately, formulators didn’t have to look far as there was a long history of safe use of both deer velvet antler and green shell mussel in humans without causing any adverse side effects.

Deer velvet antler has recorded use in the Orient for over 2000 years as a health and joint tonic and green shell mussel has been a mainstay of costal Maori people’s diet in New Zealand for over 1000 years.

That experience has now been safely transferred to products specifically developed for pet animals.

Both of these important natural ingredients combine to create a unique product with very high assimilation due to an exclusive patented process developed in New Zealand.

For more information check this product description:

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