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Crazy home remedies for ringworm

Crazy home remedies for ringworm

It constantly amazes me why people continue to submit crazy home remedies on forums. The most recent ones I have seen relating to home remedies for ringworm include taking garlic, bathing in bleach, and using a paste of baking soda!

Another one stated she didn't want to take her doctors advice because she was worried that the medication could damage her liver. Why would you go to a doctor and not take their advice?

Ringworm treatment is not difficult to do at home, however it is vital that people use treatments that are both safe and effective.

Another poster on a forum complained that her ringworm continued to return following an undisclosed home remedy. It probably returned because the home remedy was totally ineffective.

For people who want to treat ringworm infection at home and want to use a natural product, the ideal solution is the Manuka Natural Ringworm Treatment pack

The products in this pack all contain the essential oil of the New Zealand Manuka plant, which has been proven in scientific studies to be totally effective against the fungus that causes ringworm, safe for children and to have no known side effects.

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