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Catching Ringworm from Animals

Ringworm is one of the many diseases and parasites carried by domestic pets that can be passed to humans. 

Domestic dogs and cats are carriers of several potentially nasty diseases and infections that can infect humans, including giardia, roundworm, toxoplasmosis, ringworm, tapeworm, cat scratch fever, which, in serious cases can affect the human host's heart and brain.

Veterinarians say the best way to avoid infection was to follow vaccination and worming schedules and to practise good hygiene. 

Animal faeces will contaminate the garden or sandpit and can pass on immature roundworms to adults and particularly children. 

Tapeworms can be carried by dogs and while they may tolerate them can cause nasty cysts in people. The most important thing people can do, is to wash your and especially with children it is a good idea to apply a hand sanitiser after playing where animals live.

Ringworm is one of the easier fungus infections to treat if caught from an animal, or simply just appearing on the skin. It can be treated safely and effectively with natural cream and oil containing the essential oil of the New Zealand Manuka plant. 

According to Google search results ringworm fungus infections are very common at present and the numbers of searches for Ringworm treatments have been increasing for some time.

This may be a result of the ringworm infections becoming more widespread or simply that more people are looking for on-line advice and solutions to this common problem.

What is known is that ringworm is easily treatable with effective products and that there is no need to resort to using chemicals or drugs to treat it.

Many home remedies have been suggested such as vinegar, vicks vapourub, baking soda etc. however in order to get rid of this skin fungus permanently it will be necessary to use a proven antifungal treatment.

One of the most successful treatment options is a natural one in the form of essential oil from the New Zealand Manuka plant species.

Scientific studies show that Manuka oil is 5-10 times more effective than Tea Tree oil, (also a common natural remedy) and that Manuka oil is much more easily tolerated on the skin than Tea Tree oil.

Manuka oil comes in a convenient ringworm treatment pack comprising soap, skin cream and manuka oil.

Application is simple, just apply the oil directly to the immediate areas affected by ringworm with a cotton bud or clean fingertip and surrounding areas with cream, washing daily with the soap and all signs of ringworm infection should disappear within a couple of weeks.

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