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Natural yeast infection treatment

Several recent articles about treating yeast infections naturally refer to the use and application of yoghurt either plain or preferably acidophilis.

This is definitely helpful, and we do recommend eating acidophilis yoghurt regularly, however a better natural solution for treating the vagina is East Cape Manuka cream.

This cream contains 5% East Cape Manuka essential oil, Lemon myrtle oil and Lavender oil in a Sweet almond base. The main active ingredient is the East Cape Manuka oil which has undergone extensive scientific studies and found to be highly effective in treating yeast and fungal infections as well as being a powerful antibacterial agent.

When compared to other natural essential oils for treating yeasts and fungi, East Cape Manuka oil was found to be effective at much lower concentrations than Tea Tree oil and pine oil.

The effectiveness of Manuka oil from the East Cape region of New Zealand is due to Triketone compounds which make up over 25% of this essential oil.

In in-vitro testing, East Cape Manuka oil was found to completely eliminate the Candida albicans yeast at concentrations as low as 0.625%

This powerful antimicrobial oil is steam distilled from wild Manuka bushes and is available as pure oil, or in diluted concentrations, as a cream, and in soap.

The recommended use for treating Candida albicans yeast is to wash the vaginal area with Manuka soap, rinse with warm water containing a few drops of pure Manuka oil, and apply East Cape Manuka cream to a tampon and leaving it overnight, this treatment should be continued for several days or until the symptoms disappear.

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