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Bioactive skin care

People ask us what is bioactive or bio-active skin care.

The answer to this is that many skin care regimes focus solely on moisturization. This is no bad thing because especially in dry conditions it is beneficial to hydrate the skin with a good quality moisturizer.

Bio Active skin care offers a lot more than just moisturization, products that contain Manuka honey for instance offer hydration by way of a well balanced moisturizing cream but in addition Manuka honey is hygroscopic which means that it actually attracts moisture from the air. All honey does this but Manuka honey especially Active Manuka honey used in our Honney Collection creams offers something more.

Manuka UMF honey also protects the skin from unwanted bacterial or fungal attack, it can also repair damaged skin and reduce the effect of photo-aging dark facial spots.

The most concentrated form of skin cream containing Manuka UMF honey is Active Manuka honey cream which contains 30% Manuka UMF 15+ honey - this is a very high quality grade of Manuka honey.

Once you have used this Active Manuka honey cream and your skin blemishes have been repaired you can then use a cream with a lower concentration of Manuka honey to maintain your complexion, a good example of a maintenance cream is Honey Face Cream, both of these qualify for the term bio active skin care as they actually repair and replenish the skin.

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