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Superflex-V Advanced Dog Formula

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Product Description

Superflex-V is a proven natural remedy for osteo-arthritis and joint pain in dogs of all breeds and ages.  

Scientific evidence proves that velvet antler and NZ greenshell mussel supplement is both safer and more effective treatment for osteo-arthritis and joint pain in dogs than the use of non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s)

But first let’s look at the problem, the scientific evidence, veterinary reports and the simple natural solution.

Over 15 million dogs in USA alone are currently suffering from osteo-arthritis; their joints are stiff and painful every time they want to move.

Veterinarians report that osteo-arthritis affects over 80% of older dogs and dogs of larger breeds and while it is more common in susceptible breeds where the incidence of arthritis, hip dysplasia and congenital joint disease is most common it can affect dogs of all shapes and sizes, breeds and ages.

It is well known that non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) can cause serious side effects and death in dogs following the class action lawsuit against the Pfizer Company’s Rimadyl product. The US FDA has forced the manufacturers of Rimadyl to carry a label warning that it could cause death in dogs. There are many other brands of NSAID’s which also carry warnings about the risk of serious side effects.

Velvet Antler is Approved by the US FDA

In 1999 the use of velvet antler was scientifically supported in compliance with FDA regulations for its ability "to support healthy joint structure and function".

According to veterinarian Dr. Cathy Alinovi “Every time a veterinarian prescribes any NSAID, that dog is at risk of intestinal, kidney and even liver damaging side effects. And Labradors are worse! (Why? Genetics.) This is why, most vets will recommend periodic bloodwork to “be sure” there aren’t complications. However, this isn’t fool proof. Cats are even more at risk – their liver just can’t detoxify the medications”.

The realisation that NSAID’s could no longer be trusted to provide risk free anti-inflammatory action and pain relief had left a gap in the market for a safe product for relieving pain and enhancing joint health in dogs, cats and for human use.

Enter Deer Velvet Antler

The use of Velvet Antler is not new, in fact it has been one of the most revered natural products in Oriental medicine alongside Ginseng for over 2000 years. It is just not as well known in the West, but that is changing quite rapidly now as scientific studies have proven its effectiveness and enlightened veterinarians have reported positive results and a total absence of negative side effects.

Deer Velvet Antler is made from the soft antler of deer and elk harvested under veterinary supervision before it hardens, calcifies and turns to bone. In this soft or “velvet” stage of growth the antler contains a wide range of compounds, minerals, vitamins and growth hormones that have been proven to support joint health and flexibility while diminishing or removing associated pain to the person or animal.

Deer velvet antler is totally sustainable as a new set of antlers are grown every year by the male deer. This happens in the wild, in the normal course of the life cycle of the deer, they grow a new set of antlers every year in the spring months, shedding the fully grown ones towards the end of winter every year. All we do in the harvesting of antler is to take them off while the antler is still in the soft stage with a light coating of velvet like hairs, this is when the antler contains the maximum amount of nutrients that will be beneficial to the patient, human or animal.

The reason that antler velvet is so effective as a natural dietary supplement lies in the wealth of unique compounds contained in this outstanding product:

Proteins and Growth Factors
Amino acids - precursors for all protein production, aids tissue growth, muscle recovery and repair
Insulin-like growth factors (IGF-1, 2) - precursors for the growth hormone production, promotes muscle growth, tissue growth and organ health 
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) - protein that stimulates cell growth to produce collagen, for cell renewal and wound healing 
Collagen - a structural protein present in bone, tendons, ligaments, other connective tissue and articular cartilage

Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s)
Glucosamine sulphate - builds, maintains and repairs joint structures including bone, cartilage, ligaments, joint fluids and tendons 
Chondroitin sulphate - helps protect and rebuild degenerating cartilage, gives cartilage elasticity, an anti-inflammatory agent
Hyaluronic acid - a substance that binds cartilage cells together and lubricates joints

Phospholipids - builds cell components and enhances cellular activities, repairs structural damage caused by free radicals, pathogens and toxins
Glycosphingolipids - compounds involved with growth and metabolism of cells and with memory and learning
Prostaglandins - regulates contraction and relaxation of muscles, regulates inflammatory mediation

Calcium - builds and maintains bones, teeth and nerves, important for muscle contraction, nerve transmission, blood pressure and blood clotting
Phosphorus - a key component of metabolic reactions, provides structure for bones and teeth, important for function of heart and kidney
Potassium - essential for electrolyte balance and also muscle and nerve function 
Sodium - allows the body to maintain normal fluid balance and electrolytes
Magnesium - helps cells restore and release energy for regular muscle and nerve function

Trace Elements
Selenium - powerful antioxidant that reduces infections, protects blood cells, the heart, liver and lungs
Sulphur - element of insulin and various amino acids, protects body against toxins
Zinc - a component of more than 90 enzymes necessary for healthy skin, growth and the healing of wounds
Copper - essential for formation of red blood cells, energy making, bone and connective tissues 
Iron - essential in the blood cells transporting oxygen through the body
Cobalt - Used for anemia and stimulating new red blood cells. Required in the synthesis of vitamin B12

Other Compounds
Monoamine- oxidase inhibitors - an enzyme that inhibits the oxidation of neurotransmitters, improves mood and feeling of well-being
Erythropoietin - a hormone produced by specialized kidney cells to stimulate red blood cell production

There is simply no other supplement - natural or synthetic that can replicate the compounds present in total balance as are in velvet antler.

The proof of Velvet Antlers’ effectiveness

Study 1

The University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada), February 2004:

Maxim Moreau, Jacques Dupuis, Norbert H. Bonneau, Manon Lecuyer: The findings were published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, published by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, is the 'voice of veterinary medicine in Canada'.


A powder of elk velvet antler was evaluated on client-owned dogs with osteo-arthrosis in a clinical, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study. Thirteen dogs received a placebo for 30 days and then velvet antler for 60 days. Twenty-five other dogs received velvet antler for 60 days.

Gait analysis measured with a force plate, clinical signs assessed by an orthopedic surgeon, performances in daily life activities and vitality assessed by the owners, and complete blood analyses were obtained at days 0, after 30 days of placebo and/or 60 days of velvet antler.

On placebo, the 13 dogs did not show significant improvement (P > 0.05); however, their gait, their performances in daily life activities, and their vitality were significantly improved on elk velvet antler, based on changes in values exceeding those observed when placebo was administered. The 25 dogs on elk velvet antler for 60 days showed similar improvements. No clinical changes were revealed on blood analyses. Administration of velvet antler was effective in alleviating the condition in arthritic dogs.

Study 2

Douglas County Animal Hospital in conjunction with the University of Minnesota:

This Velvet Antler Clinical Trial was conducted by Glen Zebarth, DVM, and Rebecca Laton, DVM, of the Douglas County Animal Hospital in Alexandria, Minnesota, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. Trial Completion Date: 5-30-07


A clinical field trail was conducted in dogs diagnosed with traumatic and/or degenerative joint disease of one or multiple joints diagnosed by physical examination, including range of motion evaluations and radiographs. Joints evaluated included hip, stifle, shoulder, carpus, and elbow.

Seventy limbs in 45 dogs were analyzed based on nine areas of mobility-related criteria; each limb was scored from one (no signs) to four (severe) at trial initiation, six weeks and 12 weeks. Mobility and systemic effects using hematological tests, veterinarian assessment and owner perceptions were measured.


According to a Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Non-Parametric statistical analysis performed by Dr. Carl Jessen, University of Minnesota, dogs treated with Velvet Antler supplement statistically improved.

All trial animals exhibited significantly improved range of motion and orthopaedic scores in the areas of walking, trotting, running, and climbing stairs.

The vast majority of these dogs exhibited extreme signs of improvement at the 6 week and the 12 week examinations. Individual joints were analyzed; results show a statistical improvement in shoulder pain and movement, stifle pain and movement, and hip pain and movement.

Dog and Cat Arthritis

Arthritis is thought to affect one in every five dogs and around the same number in cats. As your pets become older, you may notice them slowing down and stiffening up. Don’t accept this as an inevitable part of the aging process – your cat or dog may have arthritis.

Arthritis in dogs is one of the most common health problems seen by vets and unfortunately is rarely noticed in the early stages because these animals tend to ignore soreness and discomfort until the arthritic changes in the joints have progressed significantly.

Arthritis is caused by abnormalities of the joints in the body and where significant structural changes have occurred. Some of the more common causes of arthritis, which is basically inflammation of a joint, are misalignment of joint structures, poor diet and nutrition, accident or infection to the joints, torn ligaments and tendons, genetic malformation of the bone structure, plus overweight puppies during the growth stages and also auto-immune problems.

Arthritis can ultimately result in joints that simply don't work properly. Since there are no blood vessels or sensory nerves in joint cartilage, damage to cartilage can be quite advanced before the surrounding supportive tissues become inflamed and sore.

Your dog may be beginning to suffer from degenerative joint disease or canine osteoarthritis which occurs when the cartilage that protects the lining of the joints is damaged or destroyed resulting in inflammation, pain and discomfort. This can be as a result of abnormalities like hip or elbow dysplasia, or just from the wear and tear of an active lifestyle

Is Your Dog Beginning to Show These Signs?

• Reluctance to walk, climb steps or stairs, jump or play

• Limping

• Lagging behind on walks

• Difficulty getting up after resting

• Yelping with pain when touched

• Personality changes e.g. aggression, or becoming withdrawn

What Veterinarians say about Deer Velvet Antler

Veterinarians have reported that over 85% of older dogs responded positively, while one university study concluded that every one of 42 dogs in a study displayed improved joint function after taking Velvet Antler for 30 days.

Vet Report 1

“An old friend introduced me to this fabulous product and managed to convince me ‘to give it a try!’ I tried it on Dougal, an 8 ½ year old Labrador with severe conformational problems and advanced osteoarthritis of both elbows. More than 24 months of continual therapy had produced variable relief. Within 2 weeks of starting Deer velvet antler-V, Dougal’s owner reported that Dougal had started to look forward to his walks, seemed brighter and she had even seen a little skip and a jump in his walk. Dougal’s improvement prompted his owner to insist that I obtained further product just for Dougal”.

Vet Report 2

“In another case, Tamdugh was a 13 year old Labrador Cross with generalised osteoarthritis and a bad attitude. Tamdugh had been on and off therapies for 7 months, which offered only temporary relief and did nothing for his intermittent stumbling over his hindlimbs or his bad attitude. Tamdugh’s owners reported that within 14 days of starting Deer velvet antler, he was ‘moving like a pup, playful and demanding his walks.’ No longer was his bad attitude a concern. 
After conducting five separate ‘trials’ on patients, I became hooked on the usefulness of this new found dietary supplement and thus committed to become more involved in its mystic mechanisms and uses. After all is said, it is the patient response and their owner’s complete joy in the visual benefits that has cemented my belief in this product.” 
- G. Baitz (BVSc) MRCVS MASFM, Esher, United Kingdom 

What form of Velvet Antler should I get for my dog?

Velvet Antler is processed by initial freeze drying then powdering before being either encapsulated or made into a chewable tablet.

There are a number of processors who produce capsules and tablets in these forms with an absorption rate of approximately 17% of the compounds present in Velvet Antler.

However UB-Bio Ltd. a New Zealand Company has developed a patented bio-active process (USA Patent # 6482443) involving the fermentation of the dried antler powder which reduces the size of the protein molecule in the velvet antler resulting in an absorption rate of 70%

While this product is more expensive to produce than the standard product it has 4 times the bio-availability so your dog will benefit sooner by relieving the symptoms of osteoarthritis at a lower dose rate than other forms of velvet antler treatment.

Velvet Antler also acts as a tonic, renewing, reinvigorating and restoring energy and vitality to pets, helping them to live happier, healthier, pain-free lives. It helps to prevent disease, strengthens the immune system and increases stamina.

Velvet Antler has been tested on humans for over two thousand years, forming a cornerstone of Oriental medicine, it is one of the most widely-researched, natural, sustainable, safe and effective treatments for joint health in the world today.

Velvet Antler is Approved by the US FDA

In 1999 the use of velvet antler was scientifically supported in compliance with FDA regulations for its ability "to support healthy joint structure and function".

Other therapeutically valuable actions including immune stimulation, anti-aging, protective and rejuvenating effects and beneficial effects in blood and circulation are currently the subject of widespread international study.

As you have read Velvet Antler has been proven in University Studies and Veterinary Trials to relieve the symptoms of Osteoarthritis Canine Hip Dysplasia, Congenital Joint Disease (CJD) and to be a cost effective alternative to NSAID treatment without the risk of side effects.

Superflex-V Advanced Dog Formula is a totally natural product formulated with:

  • New Zealand Velvet Antler
  • New Zealand Greenshell Mussel
  • Chondroitin
  • Ginseng 

Formulated especially to protect and enhance the joints of dogs and to provide relief from pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, CJD and hip dysplasia.

Putting back the bounce

It is heartbreaking to see your pet crippled with osteoarthritis – robbed of their get up and go and the joy of simply being a dog or cat.

Velvet Antler can provide an exciting alternative to conventional drugs and offer health benefits beyond the welcome relief from pain and inflammation! Furthermore, by following a Velvet Antler supplement regime, you can help to prevent the onset of Arthritis at a premature stage in your pet’s life.

If your pet is getting on in years, please remember that they suffer just the same way that we do and that effective treatment is available without any harsh side effects. If you suspect your dog may be suffering from arthritis then try them on Velvet Antler and Greenshell Mussel tablets, don’t let your pet suffer in silence.

You owe it to your dog to give him or her the best quality of life possible with Superflex-V Advanced Formula for Dogs.

90 chewable tablets – 30 days supply for a large dog, 60 - 90 days supply for smaller dogs according to their weight.

Order now and receive the freshest product shipped directly to you from New Zealand.

Product Reviews

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  1. Very encouraging results

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Oct 2012

    “The Wylie Veterinary Centre is a small animal hospital in Essex. We see a good number of patients suffering from degenerative joint disease either secondary to cruciate disease or other orthopaedic problems but also just due to obesity and wear and tear.
    We have a fully qualified physiotherapist who works from our practice with these patients as well as a travelling orthopaedic specialist surgeon.
    Our practice has been using Deer velvet antler for the last 18 months as our primary chondroprotective agent with very encouraging results.
    The veterinary market has become flooded by chondroprotective agents in the last 5-10 years, but despite stiff competition this product has held its own in the market.
    Velvet Antler is reasonably priced, easy to administer, well tolerated and seems to offer most patients relief from joint discomfort.
    A good number of my clients have enquired about the option of an equivalent human product when they have seen the benefits in their pet. Personally, I no longer use alternative chrondro protectives.”
    - Angela Doyle BVsc, Essex, United Kingdom

  2. Fantastic product

    Posted by John Mcmillan on 5th Oct 2012

    Our Lab Bob was really suffering from joint pain and stiffness he will be 12 years old soon and although we had tried rimidyl we were not happy with the results or possible side effects from this drug. We put him on a months supply of Velvet Agility and the result has been outstanding, he is his old self again running around like a young dog and looking great, his coat is also looking really good, I would recommend anyone with an older dog to try this

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