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Ringworm Natural Products

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Manu™ Ringworm Natural Product pack quickly relieves the swelling and pain, soothes the rash, promotes rapid healing of blemishes, reduces the fungi population and prevents it spreading to other parts of the body all without the side effects of conventional synthetic chemical drug treatments. 

Ringworm is a common skin infection frequently passed on to children through contact with household pet cats and dogs. Ringworm can easily spread to other family members if not treated effectively.

In a scientific in-vitro study undertaken by the Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New Zealand, they showed East Cape Manuka essential oil to be active against a wide range of pathogens including Aspergillus niger, Microsporum canis, Trichophyton rubrum and Trichophyton mentagrophytes, all of which were controlled at concentrations below 1.3% with East Cape Manuka oil. 

We use a 25% concentration of Manuka oil to treat the ringworm directly, this oil is only produced in the East Cape region in New Zealand; where the highest levels of naturally triketone compounds occur which means more effective antimicrobial activity.

We created our East Cape Manuka Cream to use in conjunction with the Manuka essential oil. This Manuka cream has a lower concentration of Manuka essential oil designed for easy application to areas surrounding the ringworm, soothing the skin and stopping the spread to other parts of the body or to other family members. This Manuka cream will also assist the healing process by moisturizing cracked and dry skin.

Our Manu™ Ringworm Natural Product pack contains


Our customers love the results!

We wanted to use a natural product for my child’s ringworm which was probably picked up from a cat, we ordered the ringworm pack and I am pleased to report that it did exactly as you state. Also shipping was quicker than expected from the other side of the world, well done!

Mary O’Connor

All orders are shipped in total confidence and plain packaging.

For children under the age of two years we recommend that you consult your health professional.

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These statements and reviews have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Product Reviews

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  1. Does exactly as advertised. Area cleared up after less then a week.

    Posted by Josh B on 23rd Nov 2018

    Great product. Love the smell. Great for sensitive skin. The oil may irritate your skin if already a bit sensitive. Wish I could say more to help others find this product but I am not great at reviews.

  2. Stubborn ringworm finally gone!

    Posted by Kayte on 9th Mar 2017

    I have had a very stubborn ringworm for almost 2 months and have used every different product available from the chemist. Some of the chemist products made no difference at all, while others only gave a mild improvement. I ordered the Manu set of soap, cream and oil and cannot believe the difference in only 2 days, I am finally getting rid of this awful, unsightly infection with a safe, completely natural product. Highly recommend!

  3. Amazing Stuff.

    Posted by Phil on 8th Feb 2013

    After 3 weeks of doctor prescribed creams and tablets with no results besides more spreading, I received this product. After 3 days of using this treatment pack I have seen significant results. All spots have faded and shrank. I find the most effective thing to be the soap. Having ringworm all over my body it is the only thing that can be applied to all the spots. I will be ordering more of the soap today.

  4. Want relief from itching buy now!!!

    Posted by Michelle Smith on 26th Jul 2012

    Purchased this deal 2x soap, cream and manuka oil. All great although the smell of the cream is quite intense, needed masking with perfume for work. However, I felt I got the best results from the cream and I'm going to order more. Although I have been diagnosed with ringworm and been down all the usual routes, tablets that you need monthly liver checks for, lots of different creams. This is the only product that I can honestly say I got relief from the terrible urge to keep scatching.I have been using the products religiously twice a day for the past 2 weeks and the scars are fading. Will keep going as I am determined to be free of this skin condition. Thanks so much and kind regards to all the team in New Zealand.

  5. Excellent!!!

    Posted by Mislav R on 15th Jun 2012

    I wanted to get something natural but as I was waiting for product to arrive from NZ I started to use Clotrimazole cream which did very little. I was very skeptical now of any creams, but I gave it a try. It was amazing. Skin visibly started to clear up. Now, two weeks later it is all gone. Before that ringworm was persisting and persisting. Thank you very much!!

  6. Did exactly as stated

    Posted by Mary O’Connor, Ireland. on 17th Mar 2011

    We wanted to use a natural product for my child’s ringworm which was probably picked up from a cat, we ordered the ringworm pack and I am pleased to report that it did exactly as you state. Also shipping was quicker than expected from the other side of the world, well done!

  7. Amazing natural product

    Posted by Clare Webster NY on 17th Mar 2011

    East Cape Manuka cream and oil has totally cured my sons ringworm in less than a week, it is an amazing natural product, and I will return to your excellent website if our family has any other skin related problems in the future.

  8. Eradicated fungal condition

    Posted by Yvonne Hughes on 17th Mar 2011

    After two lots of antibiotics and steroid cream from my doctor, which didn't work, I decided to try your Manuka cream. I have used just one tube and it has eradicated this fungal/bacterial condition from which I have suffered for about a year. It has taken a while, but well worth it. Thank you for this great cream

  9. A 'must have' product

    Posted by Cassandra Payne on 17th Mar 2011

    The ringworm is gone there is no trace of it on my child, once again thank you. Plus, I will be ordering again shortly. It's truly a must have product!

  10. Very effective treatment

    Posted by Estelle Butler, Canada on 17th Mar 2011

    I just wanted to let you know how the ringworm treatment pack is working out.
    When the doctors first saw my daughter's flaking in her head, they immediately thought it was ringworm (fungal infection). We first tried a topical cream prescribed by the doctor. After 2 weeks there was very little improvement. They suggested that she start taking an oral prescription medicine but before they could prescribe it, she had to have blood tests done to determine that her liver was capable of handling the drug. As someone who has been using holistic type medicines predominantly for the last 12 years, this set off alarm bells. So they agreed to take tissue samples to determine if it actually was fungal in nature. I decided to continue treatment recommended by our holistic doctor which included rubbing tea tree oil on the spot. This helped much more than the prescription cream but didn't get rid of it. It wasn't until we started using the ringworm kit I purchased from your company that things started to work. Within one week the skin started to heal up and repair itself. We are entering our second week of use and I can honestly say that there are a few flakes here and there but nothing like what she experienced in the past. One item that we didn't use is the cream at night time. She found that the smell from the cream bothered her but the smell from the oil didn't.
    Thanks so much and she is now very grateful to be around friends and not having them comment on her "dandruff" problem.
    I look forward to trying other products.

  11. Great product for Ringworm

    Posted by Don Baskerville. Texas. on 17th Mar 2011

    I am just letting you know my order arrived this past Thursday. What a great product! I put it on ringworm and the itching finally went away. I have tried creams and even went to the dermatologist. I ordered the Manuka Oil and soap out of desperation. Just to experiment, I put a little on a zit. It was almost completely gone the next morning.

  12. Jock itch cured

    Posted by Billy on 16th Mar 2011

    I had a persistent tinea cruris infection for many months. Whatever I tried it just seemed to keep getting worse and spreading. It was getting so bad the itching/stinging/burning sensation was waking me almost every night. Within two days of using your manuka treatment pack the itching reduced enormously and I could get a good night's sleep again. Gradually the infection has reduced and now, two months later, there are just a few tiny spots left and most of the time there's no itching at all. In that two months of daily use I haven't had any adverse reaction to the products. I think your stuff's great and I've just ordered some more to put in our alternative first aid kit.
    Thanks a lot

  13. Very effective

    Posted by Karen, Hong Kong on 16th Mar 2011

    I'm happy to report that after about 3 weeks of applying the manuka oil on my son's scalp, the ringworm lesions have improved substantially, and those which appeared just before I started using your products have been more or less controlled. I have one bottle left and hopefully that will be sufficient for use until all the lesions disappear.
    The ringworm on my daughter's skin was treated a lot more quickly. Thank you - I am finally able to be rid of the constant anxiety that had plagued me for months!

  14. Cleared it up

    Posted by Cherie on 13th Feb 2011

    I got the soap, cream and oil (manuka)for one of my cats who had gotten ringworm. Not only did it help clear up the ringworm, I used it on a nasty cut I had on my finger that wasn't healing as well. (I am pre-diabetic) In just one application, the redness left and eased the pain, I can now bend my finger-all in just 24 hours.

  15. No side effects

    Posted by Ruth Morgan, Chicago, Il on 13th Feb 2011

    I ordered your products for our two children who had both picked up a ringworm infection somewhere, maybe from a cat. You delivered them in a week, and the Manuka products healed the ringworm as you said it would. Also no side effects at all, so thanks, I am very pleased to have found your website.

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