Questions and Answers - Manuka Natural

Shipping Times

International priority airmail shipping of your should arrive in 8-12 business days. to USA and Europe, Asia

If you are in New Zealand then your order should arrive in 2-4 business days.

Please note customs can delay an order at any point and that is outside our control.

We do not have tracking for priority airmail shipping.

For the Christmas period you must have your order in before the 8th December (if outside New Zealand) if you are wanting it to arrive by Christmas Day. The volume of Christmas mail may cause significant delays during this time.

Import Duty

Import duty or sales tax may apply in some countries. If you need more information we recommend that you contact your local customs office.


If you are not entirely satisfied with our product you may return any items for a full refund, provided you pay for the return shipping.

If you do not collect your order from your post office and it is returned to us post paid where we have to pay the cost of return shipping, this cost will be deducted from any refund that we make.


All orders are shipped in plain packaging, the intended use is not described on the package, an example of a customs declaration would read: "Soap, skin cream, manuka oil, made in New Zealand".

Privacy and Confidentiality

All orders are totally confidential and no information using your name/address will ever be provided to any other commercial organisation.


Credit card information is not received or held by Manuka Natural Ltd. All credit cards are processed by Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) an international payment portal with the highest levels of PCI SSC international security.

Your Questions Still Unanswered?

If they are, please Contact Us us and we will attempt to promptly answer any questions you may have. We have been specialising in natural Manuka remedies for over 15 years so we have a lot of experience and customer feedback to call on that we hope will help you.

Organic or not?

There is often an expectation that natural products should not only contain natural, usually plant based ingredients, but also be certified organic.

While the majority of the ingredients we use to formulate our products are grown and produced in New Zealand, they are not able to always be totally organic.

A case in point is our Manuka honey which is included in many of our products. While this honey is produced from bee hives in remote areas which are not sprayed with chemicals or top dressed with artificial fertilizers, the honey bees can range up to 20km, (about 15 miles) from the hive and it is not possible to say with certainty where they gathered the nectar from.

Likewise, our Manuka oil is produced from the same areas and while these areas are not subjected to sprays or fertilizers, we prefer to use the term ‘wild harvested’ rather than organic.

Genetically Modified or not?

We do not use any GM (genetically modified) products or ingredients in any of our formulations, the vast majority of New Zealanders are totally against the practice of genetic modification of plants or animals and we at Manuka Natural Ltd. strictly adhere to this philosophy with everything we use and create for our customers around the world.