Manuka Natural Specialty Products

Manuka Natural specialises in natural skincare, health and beauty products utilising the proven (in-vitro) antimicrobial properties of Manuka honey and essential oil in formulations of natural oils, soaps and skin creams formulated to provide relief from bacterial, fungal and viral skin conditions, external parasites and to provide internal health with Manuka honey and natural supplements.

Both Manuka UMF honey and East Cape Manuka essential oil have undergone extensive studies proving their effectiveness in controlling a wide range of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that can affect the human body.

Manuka UMF honey is now used in hospitals and clinics around the world to eliminate both internal and external antibiotic resistant infections without side effects sometimes associated with the use of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs.

Manuka Natural can provide natural solutions to treat the following conditions:

  •     Eczemaringworm-treatment-pack.jpg
  •     Seborrheic dermatitis
  •     Ringworm
  •     Yeast infection
  •     Athletes Foot
  •     Acne
  •     Scabies and head lice
  •     Herpes and cold sores
  •     Warts and verucas
  •     Foot and body odor
  •     Arthritis and joint pain

Manuka Natural also produce a range of natural beauty creams, bee venom masks and moisturisers all of which contain Manuka honey as a foundation ingredient for its hygrostatic moisture retention and antimicrobial properties as well as premium natural oils and extracts for their beneficial skin health and nourishing effects.

Manuka Natural only use the highest quality ingredients in all skin care, beauty and supplement formulations, most of which are grown or produced in New Zealand and formulated in small batches ensuring the highest degree of quality and freshness.

Manuka Natural products are not sold through retail stores avoiding lengthy periods of storage, transportation and exposure to heat and light which can diminish the effectiveness of the active compounds. Instead we provide free worldwide Priority Airmail shipping for all products to get them to your door in the freshest possible way so that you receive the maximum benefit.

Active and UMF (unique manuka factor) Manuka honey has been a standby in many New Zealand households for generations for a wide range of internal upsets general good health and immune support. Manuka honey taken internally also promotes intestinal health.

Recent studies have also shown that Manuka honey will help to control plaque causing tooth decay.

Manuka Natural supplements include Deer Velvet Antler from the alpine pastures of New Zealand and Green Lipped Mussel from the pristine coastline for general health and Arthritis relief.

Manuka Natural plant extracts and supplements are able to provide a safe and highly effective natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceutical drugs for a wide range of skin and internal ailments.

Recent additions to our supplement range include Velvet Antler and Green Lipped Mussel for our pets, dogs and cats to relieve joint pain.