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What makes Manuka UMF honey superior?

Posted by Bill Gluyas on

To begin with all pure honey is good for you and has antimicrobial properties.

The reason for this is that when honey comes into contact with a wound it produces hydrogen peroxide and hydrogen peroxide will eliminate a range of bacteria.

Where Manuka UMF (unique manuka factor) honey is different and superior is that also contains a compound called methylglyoxal and this compound is highly antibacterial, able to eliminate bacteria that are resistant to almost all forms of antibiotic including MRSA.

The level of concentration of methylglyoxal is described in the UMF certification which typically starts at 5+ and can reach as high as 25+ on very rare occasions.

For example the concentration of methylglyoxal in Manuka UMF 15+ honey is approx. 515mg/kg

The concentration of methylglyoxal varies from season to season depending on the density of Manuka plants in flower and their production of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in the nectar which the bees convert to methylglyoxal.

The price of Manuka UMF honey generally reflects the UMF certification so the higher levels of UMF like 20+ will be the most expensive because it has the highest levels of antimicrobial activity.

​Manuka honey found below par

Once again the British press are questioning the authenticity of Manuka honey with their report that Fortnum and Mason are removing Manuka honey from their shelves while they investigate reports that their home branded Manuka honey does not meet tests of authenticity.For the past 5 years research in New Zealand has focused on identifying compounds that are unique to [...]

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How to identify genuine Manuka honey

With a marketplace filled with a wide array of honey described on the label as Manuka honey, how can the consumer tell if it is genuine or if it has been adulterated with other honey or even sugar syrup?The simple answer is that unless it can be subjected to a High-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) test it is almost [...]

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Technology to determine the authenticity of Manuka honey

One of the biggest problems for the Manuka honey industry has been the fraudulent labeling of Manuka honey particularly in jurisdictions outside New Zealand where thousands of tonnes of honey has been sold as Manuka honey by unscrupulous vendors. Honey which contains little or no Manuka flower nectar.This symposium will address factors which can identify [...]

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Antibiotic resistant superbugs

According to Natural News there have been more recent outbreaks of antibiotic resistant bacteria among new-born children in India.According to the report around 85,000 infant deaths are caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria in India annually.There are several reasons for these high numbers including poor sanitation, overcrowding in hospitals and over prescription of antibiotics. Antibiotics are freely sold over the counter in India [...]

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New test to authenticate Manuka Honey about to be released

Manuka UMF honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand. One of its major properties is its very high antimicrobial value and as an alternative medicine.It is highly sought after because of its healing properties.The North American and European regions currently hold the highest share of Manuka honey owing to its high demand there. Asia-Pacific also has a [...]

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Manuka honey for stomach upsets

A few years ago a client told me that when he traveled to South east Asia on business he always took a pot of Manuka honey with him in case he contracted food poisoning or "Delhi Belly"He said it was by far the best remedy and that it got him back on deck quicker than other [...]

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