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How to use Manuka honey for eyes

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There is no denying in the health benefits, honey has to offer. It is widely used for a variety of purposes for a very long time. In fact, it was supposedly the main ingredient Ancient Chinese Doctors used to treat their patients, along with Ginseng and Velvet Antler (Velvet Antler is another story relating to its excellent joint support capability)

For certain the wonderful healing capability honey has, is due to the three properties it possesses. Mainly it is antimicrobial, wound-healing and pain relieving.

Now in addition to the list of advantages, honey is now commonly being used to treat eye infections. It does so by lessening the inflammation and irritation in the eyes which essentially are responsible for the redness.

Not just when it comes to reducing the complications associated with infections. This natural item can be helpful for the eyes in remarkably other ways.

1. Dryness in Eyes

One major complaint people will normally have is that their eyes tend to get dry easily. This phenomena really has to do with the amount of tear that is produced by the tear glands. If not enough tears are produced then there will not be enough lubrication in the eyes.

Thankfully so, there is a viable solution to this problem. Now you can successfully treat eye dryness by using Manuka Honey with artificial tears.

Manuka Honey, originating in New Zealand, is extracted from the rare Manuka bush species. It is known for its special antimicrobial properties far in excess to honey from other plant species.

How to use honey for the eyes?

Ideally you would apply pure sterile Manuka honey directly to the inside corner of the eye and it will gradually dissipate throughout the eye.

However it may be difficult to buy sterile Manuka honey so the next best alternative is to mix it with sterilized water. 

One viable procedure you can follow easily at home is described below

  • Take about 1/4 cup of boiled water. Add a tablespoons of honey.
  • Start stirring the mixture thoroughly so they dissolve in the best possible way. Do it for around 15-20 minutes
  • Once the time has passed, allow the mixture to cool down so it comes down to room temperature.

There is no one single way of using the solution. You can make use of cloth by dipping it into the mixture and subsequently applying to the eyes. If not that, pour the solution into a sterilized eye dropper, and apply several drops to the corner of your eye where it will spread throughout the eye.

Keep the mixture for a day or two and use as required.

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