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Dry skin repaired by using Manuka soap

Posted by Bill Gluyas on

Here is another review by a happy customer who has used our Manuka soap and Manuka Magic cream to relieve her dry skin with great results.

"I bought the soap & Manuka Magic Cream for my face. I'm 70 years old and I never had dry skin before now. This product is wonderful. The soap lathers up so beautifully and after rinsing my face it feels so soft and smooth. I then put the tiny bit of magic cream on my dry patches of skin for the night. It has cleared the patches up and leaves my skin clear and the redness is gone. I love these two products and I will be ordering more in the future. Thank you."

Manuka honey - you get what you pay for - usually

Health is nothing but wealth to some snake-oil salesmen.So if you’re looking to give your body a boost with trendy — and unregulated — wellness products, such as Manuka honey, matcha tea or cannabidiol (a cannabis-derived oil known as CBD), you may want to take a closer look before shelling out.Goods sold by companies around the globe marked [...]

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Sweet talk: Is honey just another form of sugar?

While sugar has been demonised in recent years, honey is enjoying something of a resurgence in popularity. To some it is liquid gold. To others, including many dieticians, it is just another form of sugar.One way to make up your mind is to check out the nutrition panels on the labels. Where 100g of white, granulated sugar is [...]

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​I Washed My Face With Manuka Honey for a Week—Here’s What Happened (and why it happened)

I read this story through and the reviewer made two critical mistakes:Firstly she used a very poor quality Manuka honey without UMF certification (Manuka Doctor brand is not registered on the UMFHA website)She only paid $21.00 for 250gm of honey. Immediately this tells me that it contained little or no measurable concentration of methylglyoxal, the [...]

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Manuka honey breakthrough against drug-resistant bacteria linked to cystic fibrosis infections

Manuka honey shows potential as a breakthrough treatment against a wide range of P. aeruginosa isolates associated with cystic fibrosis patients, suggests the findings of a study which appeared in Frontiers of Microbiology.Although the study does not state the methylglyoxal content of the Manuka honey used in this study, it can be assumed that it was a high [...]

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How to use Manuka honey for eyes

There is no denying in the health benefits, honey has to offer. It is widely used for a variety of purposes for a very long time. In fact, it was supposedly the main ingredient Ancient Chinese Doctors used to treat their patients, along with Ginseng and Velvet Antler (Velvet Antler is another story relating to its excellent joint [...]

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What are the first signs of scabies?

You might  find that you have itching in the webbing between your fingers and on the inside of your wrists where you may also see faint lines of burrows beneath the skin. These are tiny, raised, grayish-white or flesh-colored lines caused by the mites digging their way into your skin.They generally appear on the hands [...]

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How to tell you are buying genuine manuka honey

In the jade roller–colored realm of wellness, where you can pick up $80 crystal water bottles, adorably packaged ceremonial-grade matcha, and reishi-infused wellness shots, there’s nothing like mānuka honey.Made from the nectar of New Zealand’s mānuka tree, mānuka honey is prized for its antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. New Zealand’s Māori people have used the mānuka plant for medicinal purposes [...]

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Manuka honey could lose its effectiveness

Manuka honey could have lost its healing powers before you get it home, scientist warnsThe honey, known as ‘liquid gold’ because it costs up to £100 per jar, is sought after for antibacterial properties that come from its naturally-occurring bug-fighting chemical.But this chemical can be destroyed by prolonged exposure to heat – such as during [...]

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Why you should never use supermarket Manuka honey on wounds

We have all heard the hype about Manuka honey - how it does everything from healing infected wounds to making us look younger and more attractive.Well some of this is true, sterile certified Manuka UMF honey is now commonly applied to wounds infected with bacteria even MRSA in hospitals and clinics around the world with [...]

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