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Honey can help you fight air pollution

Posted by Bill Gluyas from an article from NDTV on

Air pollution: Honey is one of the oldest and most trusted remedies to soothe itchy, scratchy and sore throat.

The air we are breathing is getting toxic by the day. It was reported earlier this week by the government-run System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research that Delhi's air quality has fallen drastically and is inching closer to "severe" category. 

Winter is approaching and with the festive season at hand, experts are also predicting a heavy sheath of smog to take over in the northern part of the country.

Previous year, hospitals across capital saw record number of people landing up in hospital emergency rooms due to respiratory hassles. 

The government and non-government institutions are doing their bit to spread awareness about preventive measures, and one of the most common advises is to keep your diet fortified with essential minerals and antioxidants.

The polluted air that we inhale includes ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, diesel exhaust particles, etc. into our lungs. Air pollution could lead to dry throat, itchy skin, burning eyes, breathing problem, coughing, wheezing, irritation in nose, and rise in blood pressure.

The protective antioxidants present in the lining of our lungs help counter the effects of these pollutants, but sometimes they are not enough. There are a number of foods, fruits, veggies and spices that are replete with antioxidants and can prevent your lungs against the onslaught. 

Honey is one of the oldest and most trusted remedies to soothe itchy, scratchy and sore throat.

Air Pollution: Why is a teaspoon of honey your best friend this season?

Honey is packed with vitamins C, D, E K and B complex. It has anti-inflammatory properties, antibacterial and ant-fungal properties. It is also rich in a bevy of antioxidants that make it ideal to fight respiratory infections.

The book 'Healing Foods' by DK Publishing House, "types of honey shown to work well for coughs include buckwheat, eucalyptus, citrus, or labiatae(mint family) varieties.

The antimicrobial family properties of manuka honey make it a good choice if you or your child has cold."

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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