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Velvet Antler Capsules

Posted by Bill Gluyas on

Bio-active velvet antler capsules provide an absorption of over 70% compared to standard freeze dried antler velvet which only provide an absorption of 17%.

Velvet antler is one of the oldest natural remedies in Asia, rated alongside ginseng as one of the most important natural tonics for health, vitality and joint support

Advanced Arthritis formula for Dogs

This natural formula containing Velvet Antler and NZ Green Lipped Mussel in tablet form has been designed with older pets in mind - both dogs and cats.Velvet antler has been approved by the FDA to support healthy joint structure and function.It has been widely used by both veterinarians, breeders and loving dog owners for many [...]

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Manuka honey test approved by NZ Government

The new test of true Manuka honey in association with the NZ Government Ministry of Primary Industries is a great start, but the problem of fake Manuka honey in International markets lies with the export of bulk Manuka honey.It is ridiculous that this practice is allowed, can you imagine champagne from France being exported in bulk for other countries [...]

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Velvet Antler (Lu Rong) History and Uses

Velvet antler, the soft new antler growth from red deer has been an important part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for more than 2000 years where it is commonly known as Lu Rong with the pharmaceutical name Cervi Cornu Pantorichum.Lu Rong has traditionally been prescribed in Asia to treat yang deficiency syndromes and has been sold powdered or in [...]

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New test to authenticate Manuka Honey about to be released

Manuka UMF honey is a monofloral honey produced in New Zealand. One of its major properties is its very high antimicrobial value and as an alternative medicine.It is highly sought after because of its healing properties.The North American and European regions currently hold the highest share of Manuka honey owing to its high demand there. Asia-Pacific also has a [...]

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New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet growing in popularity in South Korea

Cheong Kwan Jang’s line of health products made of deer antler extract Cheon Nok has been gaining growing popularity among middle-aged consumers, Korea Ginseng Corp. said Tuesday.The domestic manufacturer of red ginseng products has launched Cheon Nok Sam, red ginseng and deer antler velvet premium extract, buoyed by the popularity of deer antler extracts in Korea and China, which make [...]

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How to identify genuine Manuka honey

With a marketplace filled with a wide array of honey described on the label as Manuka honey, how can the consumer tell if it is genuine or if it has been adulterated with other honey or even sugar syrup?The simple answer is that unless it can be subjected to a High-performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) test it is almost [...]

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Arthritis in Dogs - what you can do to help your best friend

If your dog could talk, being his best friend would be a lot easier. However, he can’t tell you that his knees stiffen up after he plays too long – or that his hips hurt when he goes up or down stairs. He’s counting on you to recognize signs of pain and decreased mobility [...]

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​Manuka honey found below par

Once again the British press are questioning the authenticity of Manuka honey with their report that Fortnum and Mason are removing Manuka honey from their shelves while they investigate reports that their home branded Manuka honey does not meet tests of authenticity.For the past 5 years research in New Zealand has focused on identifying compounds that are unique to [...]

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​Honey App Lifts the Lid on Jar’s True Contents

A free, easy to use consumer app is now available to take the guess work out of verifying the honey being purchased is true to the variety published on the label and undamaged by heat.Airborne Honey, New Zealand’s oldest and one of the world’s most technically and scientifically advanced honey companies, has developed an online [...]

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